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FTNE Client of the Month!- Jaime Z

Mar 4, 2013

Tell us how training at FT has changed you:

It’s easy for me to tell how much more stamina, strength, balance, and agility I have now. On a less obvious level, I have a new kind of love for my body. Although I had confidence and liked my body before FT, there’s a new level of appreciation because I’ve become so much more aware of my body. I think the most important change I’ve gone through since coming to FT is that I know I can accomplish anything I put my head to. I’ve accomplished some great things in my life—I have two Ivy League degrees and know how to work hard—but accomplishing one fitness goal after another was a different kind of challenge. It’s easy to measure how many pounds I’ve lost and how many push up’s I can do now, but it’s hard to measure the pride and drive that I’ve built.

Why do you like Fitness Together?

It’s personal! I tried gyms and it never worked because I wasn’t motivated to get my butt there and once there, I was self-conscious. Also, I had no idea how to push myself. My trainer at FT has built trust and I don’t feel afraid to struggle in front of her. She pushes me past my comfort level and I actually love her for it. I look forward to my training and PACK.

How did you discover Fitness Together?

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Tell us some of the results you have achieved:

When I started at FT, I could hardly run a full mile without stopping. Now I’ve run two 10k’s, many 5k’s, biked a 25 mile race, and am psyched for my first triathlon this summer. I went from doing two pushups to 30. I can actually balance on one foot for a long time now without falling over. I did a three-minute plank and held the FT record for about a day. Most importantly: I’m a teacher and I have motivated my students to start running with my own story and will be doing a training program after school with them this spring.

Do you do PACK training? Why do you like it?

I love my kickboxing PACK! It is so so so much fun. I really like getting to know the other girls in my PACK and rooting them on. We laugh and complain about the pain together and keep each other motivated.

Why do you like one-on-one training?

My trainer, Kerri, is so crazy inspiring. Not only is she a great role model of someone who pushes herself all the time in all areas of her life, but she also makes me feel good about pushing myself. She keeps the tone light when we’re training, she knows who I am and what my current limits are, but also has a plan for getting me past them. I consider her a friend—we know about each other’s life and that only makes the training experience stronger.

What is your favorite exercise?

I run outside all the time on my own. I’ve been getting into biking more when the weather is good. I really love kick-boxing with my PACK. I also like a lot of the exercises Kerri throws at me that work multiple areas of my body, like weighted squats.

What is your favorite healthy food?

Quinoa and any grain-based salad with veggies or fruit or feta mixed in. Also, Greek yogurt—I mix it with fruit, granola, honey, homemade jams—all sorts of stuff.

What is your favorite “bad” food?



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