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Delicious and nutritious!

Jan 27, 2011

I recently fell in love with a new protein powder from Biotest called Metabolic Drive! On top of having an extremely replenishing amino acid profile, it is VERY figure friendly! One scoop of this delicious and rich tasting protein packs 110 calories, 1.5g of fat, 20g of protein, and only 4g of carbohydrates!! It’s a blend of whey isolate and micellar casein, which is slow digesting and keeps you full for hours. Also, the taste profile is based off of adding 8oz of water, making it different than a lot of other protein powders. For example, 80% of the grocery store protein powder supplements I've seen have picture a full glass on their packaging, but when reading the directions it tells you to add only 3-5oz… So, you either shoot down a tasty protein mixture, or fill up your bottle and get a watered down gross tasting supplement drink.. As a woman who is trying to holding on to her femininity, the only thing I have to get over is that I order it from a place called “testosterone nation” and the way the huge jug looks on my kitchen counter. But I have to tell you, after years of drinking less nutritious and watered down protein drinks, it’s definitely worth it!

Do you like lattes but not the calories that come with them? Check out my new creation and the recipe below! I make one every morning at our Fitness Together studio, keeping me awake and full during those early morning sessions! The last latte I’ve had was a Starbucks Non-Fat Vanilla Latte, and even then I had to count it in my food journal as a “cheat item.” No need to count this shake/latte as a cheat, plus it tasted 10x better!

Iced Protein blast Vanilla Latte:

1 ½ scoop of Metabolic Drive Vanilla Protein

6 oz of cold water

6 oz of black coffee

Desired amount of ice cubes

Add protein and water into a sealable drinking container. Shake and mix together for 30sec. Add coffee and shake for an additional 30sec. Add ice and that’s it!

Protein blast Vanilla Latte-12oz Starbucks Non-fat Vanilla Latte-16oz

Calories: 165 Calories: 230

Fat: 2.25g Fat: 0

Protein: 30g Protein: 14g

Carbs: 6g Carbs: 42g

Sugar: 1.5g Sugar: 38g


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