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A Traveler's Diet Bible

Sep 11, 2012

Pack your bags, catch a cab, check in, make your way through security, and bam - you’re exhausted. It’s officially time for food and a nap. You look around the airport for some decent food before jumping on your flight. To your left is a smiling red head -Wendy’s; to your right is the king - Burger King; and smack dab in front of you are the golden arches - McDonalds. If you wander to terminal C you can get Legal’s Seafood but would you have time before your flight? Why risk it? You take the plunge and go for your guilty pleasure - a Big Mac and small fries.

Traveling for business or for pleasure can put a real damper on any diet. So here are a few dieters’ guidelines to live by when traveling:

1) Pack your own food.

Toss a granola bar, banana, and some chopped veggies in your bag. All of these things are nutritious and will not hold you up at Security (for domestic flights). Avoid pre-made protein shakes at the airport because you can not carry on more than 3oz of fluids. Bring your protein powder in a water bottle that does not have any fluids in it and you will be in the clear.

2) Drink loads of water.

Drinking water can help with jet lag and make you feel fuller. STAY HYDRATED!

3) Go deli over golden arches.

If you need more substantial food then the food you carried on, head to the deli-style eatery. Create your own sandwich or pick a sandwich with whole grain bread, lean meats (chicken, turkey, ham) and veggies. Avoid dressings or ask for them on the side.

4) No more high sugar drinks.

Whether in board meetings or at the beach avoid the sugar filled, high calorie, pop and juices that can give you that extra burst of energy. If you need that little kick of energy that the sugar in those drinks provide go for a black coffee or tea. If drinking because you are actually thirsty, stick with good old fashion water. If you are craving some flavor, squeeze some lemon in your water.

5) Drink smart.

After a long day of work in a foreign city a cold drink at your hotel bar does not sound like a half bad idea. Of course if you are on vacation there is a very likely possibility that you will be drinking drinks with umbrellas in them all day. So drink alcohol smart. Forget the fruity high sugar drinks and pop an umbrella in a vodka soda water. Mixing alcohol with soda water or having a drink on the rocks is normally a safe bet for the calorie counters out there.

Have fun, safe, and healthy travels and let go of the idea that you can’t diet during travels!


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