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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.


"Every trainer is invested in the success of each client..."

I’ve been at Fitness Together for about 7 months, and have consistently seen improvement in my overall health, strength, and fitness level because of the dedication of the trainers to my success. While there are a multitude of benefits from joining the FT family, the single most impressive aspect of FT is the team of trainers which Stacy has put together. While every client will have one main trainer who is directing their training, you will also have the opportunity to work with other trainers as suits your schedule. This has allowed far greater flexibility with scheduling than I’ve had elsewhere. This flexibility, however, does not sacrifice the highly individualized training that prioritizes every client’s personal goals.

Kelly is, without question, one of the best personal trainers in DC, and she has been writing all of my programs since day 1. She’s nailed that perfect balance of challenging me and making consistent progress, without overwhelming me or making me question my ability to do this. I credit Kelly with my success as measured by every metric - scale victories, strength gains, improved flexibility, inches lost - you name it. Although I am personally indebted to Kelly for her coaching, I truly believe that every trainer is invested in the success of each client, and I have complete confidence and trust in the entire team and enjoy training with all of them.

I really appreciate the privacy of the facilities, and the lack of distraction that 1-on-1 coaching allows. Each area is fully stocked with everything you could ever need for any program that you want/they design - free weights, kettlebells, TRX, barbells, etc. Every area really is it’s own complete gym. I’ve seen every age and fitness level of clients at FT, and an equally diverse range of fitness goals among my fellow clients, and this underscores the breadth of expertise which the trainers have in addition to how friendly and welcoming they are to all fitness levels.

If you want to improve any aspect of your fitness, FT is the place to go. You’ll feel supported in ways you won’t expect, and you’ll look forward to the time you spend there.



Needing to seriously improve your fitness/health level?

Are you like me – needing to seriously improve your fitness/health level, but unable to follow an at-home exercise program long enough to see any positive results? If so, I recommend trying Fitness Together in Central Georgetown (FT), because they’ve been instrumental in helping me make notable progress towards achieving my fitness goals. FT provides outstanding personal trainers and nutritional consultation in a private setting. Initially, I tried-out FT using a coupon for 3 personal training sessions. After just two, 45-minute sessions, I felt noticeably better/energized, and signed-up for additional sessions. FT assessed my baseline fitness level and then developed a plan specifically for my fitness goals. FT’s personal trainers are competent (shout-outs to my primary “fitness sensei” Kelly, and also Kristina, Enrico, and Ryan), and always ensure I’m using the proper form on each exercise routine to gain maximize physical benefits and also to avoid injuries. They also monitor my progress each session, perform an assessment every 6-weeks, and then modify/focus my fitness program accordingly. Before going to FT, I had a life-long aversion to physical exercise, but know moderate exercise is inherently needed to achieve and maintain a reasonable level of physical fitness. FT’s combination of knowledgeable, personable personal-trainers and client-specific fitness and nutrition plans have proven to be a winner for me. Full Disclosure: While I do leave each session sweaty and a little bit sore, it’s well worth it, because the plan FT developed for me is producing visible and measurable results. Furthermore, the countless excuses I often used to avoid exercising have been erased by the incremental successes at FT which motivate me to continue pursuing my fitness goals. In other words, for me, 97% of the fitness battle is knowing what physical exercises to do, and then actually doing them. The positive results I have achieved since joining FT have created an inertia motivating me to continue working-out at FT twice a week. I can honestly say that 97% of my fitness level improvement is attributable solely to FT’s professional trainers, because without their guidance, attention to injury prevention, and occasional “you can do it” nudge, I would have given up long ago.

Erin D.

Wedding ready!

The team at Fitness Together in Georgetown is amazing- I started just a couple of months before my wedding with some lofty goals. The whole team created a fun and challenging program for me, managed my busy work travel schedule, and helped me lose 7% body fat before the big day!

Joe Sifer

The impossible has been achieved!

The impossible has been achieved. I like working out, for the first time, ever! Thank you Stacy, Kristina, Dan, Daniel, and the rest of the team at Fitness Together (Central Georgetown). And I can see and feel the difference and results. I have tried it all -- boot camps, work-out buddies, home trainers, big-gym programs, etc., and nothing has come close. I actually look forward to going to the FT gym and working out with the team members there. The one-on-one tailored treatment, the knowledge of the team members, their commitment and encouragement, the dependability and consistency of the experience, the evolution of the program with progress -- it all makes a big difference. Not to mention resident pup Yogi aka Taco!

Chuck G.

Improve your golf game and get fit!

For anyone who loves golf and would like to have an exercise program to enhance their playing ability, you are now in luck. Fitness Together has a terrific new trainer, Enrico, who is certified and has trained some of the best golfers in the world. Over the past six months, he has put me on a program that has made a world of difference in my game. My posture is better, my balance and flexibility are better, and I am hitting the ball more solid than I have in five years. Golf may be a thinking person’s game, but if your body is not in the right position, it is impossible to play well. No matter what skill level you may be, I promise you that Enrico can help take you to the next level.

woman in 2016 before working out
woman in 2018 after working out with Fitness Together
After *

Amazing transformation and improved bone density!

I have been training at Fitness Together Georgetown for over two years. At my last bone density exam, my results showed substantial improvement compared to the previous ones. I credit the improved results to the strength training.

Meredith M.

FTCG Client for Life

If I could give Fitness Together Central Georgetown 100 stars, I would! After being a client for three years, the FTCG team has helped me totally repair and strengthen both my body and mind after a very serious illness.* I have never experienced professionals with such extensive knowledge about rebuilding and strengthening the body, even given other health-related issues and vulnerabilities (my muscles were totally atrophied for two years!)* Stacy Adams (the Owner) and the FTCG team have been one of my biggest sources of support on my path toward health and fitness. My experience with them has been life-changing.* No where else could I receive such a customized fitness program with the results I've achieved. I couldn't recommend anyone higher; I will be a FTCG client forever

Muriel J.

Increased her bone density!

“I have been training at Fitness Together Georgetown for over two years. At my last bone density exam, my results showed substantial improvement compared to the previous ones. I credit the improved results to the strength training.”

Cameron W.


FT Georgetown sets an incredibly high bar for a personal training gym. They have been an integral part of helping me recover from a significant back injury - Stacy (the owner) is incredibly responsible with her business - exceptional service and incredible hiring. All of the FT Georgetown trainers have or are completing degrees in Exercise Science; they are incredibly motivating and positive, and continually create a safe, friendly, motivating and noncompetitive environment in which to recover from my injury. I used to find fitness facilities intimidating; FT Georgetown feels more like a home away from home.

Marcia R.

A Life Changing Investment

Fitness Together Georgetown location is wonderful. Stacy, the owner, and each of the trainers is superb in setting the bar and getting results*. They guide each client through work out training with careful and specific attention. They track the exercise, weights and progress and are the next best thing to having some one do the exercise for you. They are fun, positive, athletic and superbly competent. They make a tough work out a fun challenge that is pretty much over before you know it, and the work out provides a feeling of well being for the entire day. They work with people of all ages and athletic levels, are good listeners and effective at helping achieve goals. The nutrition component is invaluable as well. They have changed the way I eat and exercise and significantly improved the way I go through life*. It is a worth the investment. This place is great.

Kate T.

Injury-free; highly recommended!

I came to Fitness Together after recovering from a neck injury I suffered at the hands of a personal trainer in Rockville. I was nervous to get back to working out with a new trainer but I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. Thanks to Stacy I not only have achieved results I did not think were possible, but more importantly I have the confidence and awareness I need to work out without fear of injury*. Stacy is patient, deeply knowledgeable yet able to instruct anyone at any level, and genuinely gifted at the art of making bodies look good. She has an eye for form and has developed a method that all of her trainers use because it works. Bottom line--I would recommend Fitness Together Central Georgetown to anyone.

For those who want a little bit more detail about the space and staff:

When I walked in the door I was immediately impressed by the clean and comfortable atmosphere. It is hands down the cleanest gym I have even been to. The layout of the space creates a welcome sense of privacy and each station is fully equipped so there is no waiting for equipment. The bathrooms are private--no locker rooms--which is a very nice touch.

The entire staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. They keep their clients motivated and it's plain to see that they want to see us succeed. They are responsive and dedicated to the highest level of customer service. The workouts they create are customized to your needs and fitness level which has helped me achieve results.

Shirley J.

77 years young & stronger than ever!

I began the training at FT over two years ago because several specialists recommended exercise. I had osteoporosis and feared breaking bones as my mother had broken both arms and hips. My posture was poor and I lacked energy.

My encouraging and patient trainer kept advancing my weights and difficulty of exercises until today at age 77 I can lift up to 8 pounds overhead in one arm, have greatly improved posture and feel better. I even took a hard fall recently and did not break any bones.

I learned about FT from a neighbor-client and now I have recommended it to other neighbors who have become clients. The advantages of FT are excellent trainers who had a deep understanding of the body and encourage their clients and customized programs.

Dave S.


This is the best Gym for any DC resident. Private workout spaces with personalized training plans in a convenient location and trainers that meet the flexibility of any work schedule. I had been paying monthly fees for my gym, plus fees for a trainer that had difficulty accommodating my calendar needs. Now at Fitness Together I no longer pay club dues and only pay training fees. I train in privacy in separate training rooms and any and all of Stacy's training team can train me around my schedule and all follow the same plan for consistency. Strongly recommend this location and this team.

John A.

Professionalism & Privacy

The knowledge, professionalism, privacy, and individual focus on progress without injury that I have been a recipient of is what I wanted. Also the impeccable cleanliness of the facilities is uncompromising along with the state of the art equipment available for any level training is very well balanced with any range of capabilities needed. Stacy has great leadership qualities with the staff, the clients, and is "hands on" with every aspect of the business. She is a an exemplary model of how to manage a personalized business catering to professionals and an affluent clientele whose time is valuable.

Marc R.


Started with Fitness Together in January. Stacy and her staff run a very friendly, professional organization. I have trained with Kristina, exclusively, for nearly the entire time I have been going there. She is very talented and knowledgable. Kristina does a wonderful job setting programs that fit my particular needs. She is serious about her craft. She keeps me motivated and is always making sure that I am comfortable with every exercise. You can tell that she has received a thorough fitness based education and has developed the skills required for applying her knowledge into every session.

Some may think the cost to be be high. In my experience, you get what you pay for. I am extremely satisfied with the results that have been obtained. I would say that with Kristina's guidance Fitness Together has exceeded my expectations.

Walter H.


The personalized and attentive service I continually receive at Fitness Together Central Georgetown in general and from my trainer, Dan, in particular, has made my training experience very successful and an excellent value for the money. This is the place to finally achieve your fitness goals.

Emily G.


The trainers at Fitness Together - Central Georgetown are great. They keep you on track working with you to meet your personalized health and fitness goals. They are flexible with scheduling to meet the demands of a busy working professional and I appreciate the commitment they have to ensure their clients success.

Jackie C

85 Years Young

In my opinion FT is the best! The facility and the equipment are spotless. Scheduling is easy and flexible. The staff is competent, friendly, patient, encouraging and supportive. My trainer, who is the most knowledgeable I have ever worked with, offers sessions that are specifically designed to meet my needs. Within one month, my balance and upper body strength improved considerably.* The trainer works with me to develop exercises I can do on my own between sessions in the gym. And, I am never treated like the 85-year-old I am. Thank you for being there and running a terrific place!

Annie S.

Life changing decision!

I know that 45 minutes is being carefully crafted so that I get the most I can get. It's a happy place to come where I feel like I'm coming to work out with my friends. You all know how to push and motivate and a wealth of information about fitness, food and the human body. Great personalized attention and follow up. I'm so happy that I started training with you guys 8 weeks ago. It has been a life changing decision.*

Dora R.

Everything I Need and More!

I like Everything abut Fitness Together:

  • personal service

  • knowledgeable staff

  • comfortable and attractive surroundings

  • equipment

  • accommodations to

  • change appointments

  • friendly atmosphere

Dave W.

Motivated & excited to workout!

Working with the team at Fitness Together I have never felt so motivated to hit my goals. I am excited to come to work out and even come do my own thing in the off days - something I have never done before. Can't wait to see how I look in six months more.

Great people - great facility!

Mrs DC America 2014

Healthy & strong!

"I have yet to have such an experience, such as my time with Fitness Together Central Georgetown. Over the past few months, I have had the honor of working with celebrity fitness trainer, owner of FTCG, and nutrition expert, Stacy Adams. After winning the crown, Mrs. District of Columbia America 2014, I knew that I had work to do in efforts to prepare for Mrs. America. I was very thin and wanted to achieve a more healthy appearance. After a few months of working out and adjusting my diet, as recommended by Stacy Adams, I can see the difference*! As a mother, wife, career professional, and Mrs. District of Columbia America, it is important that I am healthy and strong! Fitness Together Central Georgetown has given me the results that I wanted and I couldn't be happier! Thank you FTCG for all of your support of the Mrs. DC organization and making DC beautiful and healthy! - Meredith Egwuatu, Mrs. District of Columbia 2014"