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Personal Training Success Stories

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Justin B.

When I first started in 2012 at Fitness together I was 25 years old just graduated from college and weighed 420 pounds. I knew that I needed help and a drastic change in my life or I wasn’t going to be around for too much longer. So I started looking for a place to help me change my life. That is when I found Fitness Together and thought I would give it a try. Over the first year and a half I have dropped 50 pounds and kept them off which was great and amazing but then everything changed. In 2013 the studio changed management and that is were I met the now Owner Dan Parcell. We sat down and talked about what my goals were and what I wanted to get out of being at Fitness Together. I told him that my dream was to become a police officer as I had wanted since I was a kid and what I went to college for. To be able to accomplish that I needed to lose weight and get into the best shape of my life. Dan said to me that he would help me accomplish my goals. The next 2 plus years were a ride. When I started working with Dan and his team I was 370 pounds. At this very moment I am down to 220 pounds and in the best shape I have ever been. Family and friends people that I have known my entire life still do not recognize me to this day. Losing weight and being in shape has been a life long struggle for me and I have tried on numerous occasions to accomplish my goals and have failed at everything I have tried. It was not an easy journey and I wanted to quit more times than I can count. Dan and his team at Fitness Together motivated me and never let me quit. I would not have been able to accomplish any of this with out Dan and Fitness Together. Meeting Dan changed my life and I will be forever grateful.

Marianne R.

Can't slow her down!

Fitness Together Rocks!

Thanks to Dan and Vahid I’m climbing better than ever!

They work with my crazy schedule, really know what they are doing and always find new ways to make a workout motivating.

Andrew M.

I started with FT because I liked their 1 on 1 client approach and I wanted/needed exercise structure that exercising on my own wasn't providing. While some may think the term "positive reinforcement" is overused, it really does apply here. I was initially concerned that working out with trainers, they would try to shame/intimidate me, or ridicule my lack of physical ability. Nothing could be further from the truth! Dan, Vahid and the entire FT team welcome everyone, regardless of your current fitness level. And they are the first to notice and encourage your performance, which in my case, motivates me to work harder.

And it has paid off! Thanks to FT, I feel better emotionally as well as physically after each work out and I'm happy to report others have noticed a change in me as well. The environment here is friendly and welcoming. They've set the bar very high (pun intended!) which definitely confirms I made the right choice by selecting FT to help me achieve my fitness goals.


Surabhi M.

I never thought I'd be a "workout" person - lo and behold, one year later regular workouts have become a pillar of my life! I joined Fitness Together after a doctor's recommendation to get more exercise - within 4 months, I'd slimmed down. After 6 months, I started to gain muscle tone, and now 12 months later I'm a lean, mean fighting machine and it feels amazing! I can't recommend the team at Fitness Together enough - the trainers are kind but tough, exactly the kind of motivators and experts you need to achieve your best self!

Mina & Carey

"We have been coming to FT for over a year, and we love it. The trainers are fantastic. They listen carefully to our goals and have helped us grow stronger and leaner. They mix it up each session, so there is always a new routine for us. (Mina has even managed to get rid of chronic shoulder pain that was bothering her before she started working out!) The trainers are very invested in our total health, and provide us with advice about clean eating and exercising outside of the gym. We would definitely recommend FT to anyone looking for a personal trainer! -Mina & Carey"

Nate W.

I have had a fantastic experience with Dan, Matt, Vahid, and Leigh. They are by far the most knowledgeable and adaptable trainers I have worked with, but are also completely friendly, professional, and honest as well. Every one of them is a very genuine, good person in addition to being someone that pushed me and helped me learn in every workout.

I joined the gym when I was recovering from a knee injury and struggling to stay in shape. Each trainer was extremely careful about making sure I didn’t reinjure myself, while getting me in shape and helping me rehab. They were instrumental in keeping me in form while I recovered and helping me strengthen my knee, and as a result I am ready to resume my sport in much better shape than before my injury.

Each trainer I worked with genuinely cared about getting me in shape and making sure I had a good experience at the gym whenever I went in—there has not been a single time where one of them did anything but give their full attention and effort, and that pushed me as well.

Dan’s team at Fitness Together could not be a more professional and expert group of trainers and I’d recommend them to anyone without reservation.

Nate W.


I have had trouble with my knees over the last few years which made it difficult for me to do some of the simplest activities. At FT my training program is designed for me. I have been able to do rigorous workouts that have produced results I can see and feel. I am healthier and stronger, have more energy, look better, and am more confident. And I am now able to do more as a result. The trainers are terrific. The experience has been life-changing — it's the best thing I've done for me. LOVE it!


Jen M.

I joined Fitness together because I was looking for accountability, and someone who could guide me to get results—I had grown tired of an hour on the elliptical every day and knew that I could get more out of my workouts with the focus a training program would provide. I had been wary of personal training because it can be daunting—I was looking for someone who would push me but not make me feel bad or self conscious . With Dan and his team I found just that. FT Cambridge is welcoming, compassionate, and fun. They push when you need them to, celebrate your success, and focus your training with your goals in mind. As I client, you strive to work hard because they’ve created an environment that encourages you to excel—you know that your trainers not only care about you, but truly believe that you can reach your goals. I look forward to my sessions and have made them a priority in my life. As a result I’m stronger, more balanced in mind and body, and on my way to meeting my goals.

Jen M.

Dan H.

I have been working with FT Cambridge for 4 months and am very satisfied with my results. I originally joined because I was struggling to find my place in large intimidating gyms and wanted one-on-one training to meet my specific goals of developing my upper body and chest. What I didn't realize when I started is that I wouldn't only work on lifting and targeting specific muscle groups, but also focus full body health that has helped me reach my goals. The trainers at FT Cambridge have helped me create a workout regimen and reshape my diet so that I am not only seeing gains, but also creating a life-long routine that will I will be able to sustain on my own.

Dan H.

Mark M.

Birthday Present

Today is my last day in my 40's and Vahid gave me the best present.....a workout that knocked it out of the park. He knows exactly what I want and always seems to throw something in that is challenging but fun at the same time. He pushes me hard and that what I want from FT. Before FT and being over 300 lbs, I never would have thought I would be saying this or be in the shape I am in now. So again, thanks to you, Vahid and Matt and see you next week when I am 50 and hitting it hard.

Mark M.

Alex D.

Alex D.

Profession: Engineer/Project Manager/Consultant

I began working out at Fitness Together in order to get in shape for my wedding. My original thought was that I would use the personal training for only a few months prior to the wedding and then go back to working out on my own when I had time, but based on the results I had in a short period of time, I continued using the personal and group training. I’ve always had issues sticking with workout programs on my own for a number of reasons including not enjoying my work outs, a lack of motivation, difficulty finding time to work out, and a lack of results. All these reasons led to me making excuses to not work out and ultimately I would end up falling out of shape.

There were many reasons why Fitness Together worked for me. For one, the accountability of working out at scheduled times made me always find time to work out even when I didn’t completely feel like it. In addition, because the trainers had customized workouts planned that catered to my specific goals, I was getting much more out of my workouts as opposed to being lost in the gym. The trainers were flexible and understanding, which allowed me to always find a way to get in my workouts.

The trainers were very motivating and continued to challenge me as I progressed. When I started, I had a hard time even knowing how to breathe correctly while lifting weights. The trainers were very knowledgeable and always knew when to move onto more advanced exercises and we were regularly checking to track my level of fitness. The workouts were very different from what I was used to. Every workout, whether in group or personal training, involved grouping exercising together and mixed in different core training that was constantly putting me in different positions with different movements, so you were never doing the same things. The training progressed in different phases too which involved different numbers of repetitions and different amounts of resting. I never would have known all the challenging things that you can do with ladders, balls, tires, hammers, ropes, sliders, etc.!

Based on the fitness results, which included being stronger, having more energy, and performing better in sports like golf and softball, I consider using Fitness Together one of the best investments I could have made for myself. I got comments about how much better I looked from my wife and other people, and just felt better overall.*

Finally, being at Fitness Together is like joining a family. Everyone there from the staff to the other members knows you by name and is very supportive. While going through some changes in my personal life including changing jobs and starting a family, the trainers would continually check in with me and ask how I was doing. They were always available to answer questions about fitness and nutrition or anything else. There were even events outside of the training, including barbecues and stadium workouts on the weekends.

Brian L.

My name is Brian Long and I’m a real estate agent in Cambridge. I decided to train with Fitness together after having a double lung transplant after a lifetime of battling with Cystic Fibrosis. My doctors had recommended that fitness program was very important to my recovery.

Being a Realtor, my work schedule can be challenging. At first I had joined of traditional gym facility thinking I could run over anytime for a quick workout. That was a plan that turned out to be more difficult for me to put into action. I found myself coming up with excuse after excuse not to go. When I found out that Fitness Together offered “one on one” training I thought I’d give it a try.

I started training with Brian at Fitness Together a year and a half ago and have not once regretted it. When I first joined, I was going twice a week and the results where there, but not quite what I was hoping for. The transplant medication makes it more difficult for me to build muscle. I started coming three times a week and that made a difference. My lung function tests are the highest they have been in my life, so much so that my doctors are blown away.*

I now dedicate myself to coming to the gym four times a week, 2 private seasons and 2 pack training. The amount of energy I get from training has not only helped with work, it has motivated me to get on the tennis court. There have been so many milestones in my life since lung transplant and being a Fitness Together client has placed even more goals in front of me that I look forward to achieving.*

Dennis C.


My name is Dennis Carlone. I am an architect/urban designer who lives and works in Cambridge Mass. Over the last five years, I have worked out at FT Cambridge: one on one with Brian McLellan and more recently with Jamie Ravenscroft's Pack training group. I enjoyed both types of workouts: the personal attention and friendship that comes out of the one on one workouts, and the enthusiastic team sports' satisfaction after a good Pack workout and getting to know other people. I am much more aware of my body now. I walk more upright; my lower back does not hurt.* Now that I go twice a week, my workouts are more satisfying physically and mentally. I definitely feel the difference. I am more alert and productive in my office. (In the past, I would often get tired sitting at my desk working on the computer.) In the last year I began looking forward to my workout sessions - it is something I need. I feel younger and healthier than I have in many years. It is never too late. Start now and feel the difference!

-Dennis C.