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Client Reviews

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Reviews Provided by Listen360

Nov 1, 2019 by M. B.
"The workout is different every time and there is a lot of variety. With my previous trainer it was repetitive and boring."

Oct 1, 2019 by A. V.
"I love how friendly everyone is!"

Sep 25, 2019 by G. N.
"Personalized training with well educated, knowledgeable, thoughtful and overall nice trainers!"

Sep 9, 2019 by C. M.
"Great, friendly trainers. Matt has been fantastic."

Jul 15, 2019 by J. M.
"Fitness Together trainers are fantastic. They keep workouts fun and interesting, with seemingly never-ending variety."

Jul 13, 2019 by J. D.
"Great attitude and support from trainers."

Jun 19, 2019 by K. T.
"adjust to my level and encouraging trainers"

May 26, 2019 by D. O.
"Continue to be extremely satisfied with the high caliber and creative training that Britt and Belinda offer. Each session exposes me to challenging, varied, fun activities and builds strength in muscles that have gone unused for many years. They are careful to check in regularly throughout each session that the day's various activities are challenging enough but not stretching to the point of potential injury while hitting the targeted area. They offer useful pointers and/or alternative approaches without being too directive allowing me to pay attention to keeping the activity safe for my aging body's areas of weakness (eg lower back, extra tight ligaments or muscles, etc) Many thanks and much gratitude "

Apr 19, 2019 by J. M.
"Friendly, knowledgeable trainers. Quick and diverse workout. Location. "

Mar 22, 2019 by G. N.
"Great trainers! Great people!"

Mar 19, 2019 by J. D.
"Early AM hours & 45 minute sessions. Trainers mix things up to add new things in."

Feb 22, 2019 by P. L.
"Knowledge of the staff and cleanliness of facility. I also like how the trainers vary exercises to target the same areas so that the sessions do not become routine."

Jan 28, 2019 by B. B.
"Knowledgeable trainers, great work out!"

Dec 20, 2018 by P. L.
"The friendliness and courticy of the staff and their ability to assess and meet my needs. It has been a very good experience for me."

Dec 5, 2018 by B. B.
"Nice environment; compassionate and knowledgable trainers"

Nov 13, 2018 by C. K.
"The trainers!!!"

Sep 22, 2018 by K. T.
"1:1 training and knowledge of the trainers"

Sep 19, 2018 by R. B.
"Tailored work outs, staff, studio environment."

Sep 14, 2018 by G. N.
"Great people, excellent trainers!"

Jul 5, 2018 by C. K.
"Friendly, welcoming, and creative workouts."

Reviews Provided by Listen360