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Your Friend the Grille

Jun 3, 2013

"Take advantage of grilling season.

Up North, we have crappy weather, plain and simple. This year, it's been exceptionally awful. Unfortunately, that means our time available to grill is shorter than I would like. While the good weather is upon us, I make it a point to use the easiest food preparation tool short of the microwave as much as possible, and you should, too. Grilling is about as simple as it gets. You can cook meats, veggies, and even starches all in the same place. Plus, clean-up is virtually non existent. If you have been in a food prep rut, get yourself outside and on the grill!"

Eric Cressey-Cressey Performance

So I would agree with Eric in that the warmer weather usually means the ability to grille. Now I am weird (that's a given) but I grille year round-that's right in the snow and rain. The reason why I love using the grille is because it so easy. Like Eric says you don't have to clean up or prep much.

I also find that this helps with making a good amount of food at once. One aspect of Fitness Together-Cambridge is we work towards building new healthy habits with our clients. Our typical client struggles with the prep aspect of eating healthy. I am sure if everyone had personal chef's at their disposal we would haven't a problem eating the food they were given. However, when we are in a rush or having a crazy day (which can be everyday) it is too much work to even think about making a lunch or dinner. So the grille alleviates some of the issues with your usually kitchen cooking. You can cook almost anything you want on it including veggies.

So when you are trying to prepare food for the whole week try grilling in bulk and then you will have readily edible food for your crazy schedule. I recommend getting some veggies steamed on the grille too. This way you can have a few tupperware containers full of good food and easily accessible.

For more grilling ideas contact us here at the studio or ask Brian, Jamie, or Matt at your next session!


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