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What do you get from Fitness Together-Cambridge??

Oct 25, 2013

reviewed in the last week:

I am so, so glad I signed up for training with these guys. I called them on a whim because their Hampshire St location was close to my apartment, and Brian (who runs the place) is so reasonable, accessible, and sincere even over the phone that I decided it could hurt to go to the free introductory session. After a couple months there I can attest these guys are so kind, they really push you without ever embarrassing you, they definitely know what they're talking about (not just with cardio and strength training but also alignment, nutrition, and many other aspects of the body), and they meet you wherever you're starting in life....which sounds like a slogan but they do. They've each got a good sense of humor, and they're extremely thorough in creating an individualized plan for you. Signing up may not be cheap but there are a variety of options, and I needed to be accountable to someone or I wouldn't get the work done - and it turns out the work they do is worth every penny. PLUS you get to use the cardio equipment even when you're not training, so you're not JUST paying for the (awesome) sessions. They've been so aware of the health issues I've been dealing with and how to push me within my personal constraints, and even called to check in on me when they knew I was going through a rough time. I mean....c'mon, who's that lovely? Give them a try, you'll be very happy.


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