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Trainer Tuesday: Favorite Workout Time

Jul 8, 2013

Question: What is your favorite time to workout?

Matt: My favorite time to exercise is usually midafternoon. This seems to be the optimal time for me based on my work schedule. Obviously our work schedules dictate this “optimum” time to train, so if you’re current workout schedule doesn’t feel right, experiment with some different times.

Brian: Personally I enjoy a mid-day workout. I have worked out at 5am and I have worked out at 8pm both at different times in my life. When I worked out in the morning it was great because I didn't have to shower or get ready for the day. I would prep my clothes and what not the night before. I would wake up in the morning grab my bag and head out. I felt that it was a great way to start the day. In the evening time I found to be the most difficult because I worked all day and was tired. Both were ok but I found that mid-day or afternoon works best for me because I am able to get a few meals in and would have more energy throughout my workout. Plus it helps to break my day up and I feel like I have more energy to finish the day strong.

Jamie: Ideally I like to get a good workout in the morning. Get those endorphins flowing. Everything else in the day is awesome. I can't always make the time in the morning, so I have come to appreciate a good late night workout as well.


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