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Some Tips For The Spring/Summer

May 17, 2013

1. Try red leaf lettuce

At a measly 7 calories per cup, red leaf lettuce is the best nutrition
bargain out there. Red leaf contains the most vitamin A and other
antioxidants of any other lettuce. It is high in lutein, zeaxanthin, betacarotene, iron, calcium and potassium. So next time you eat salad—go for the red leaf!

2. Write down what you eat

New Year’s Resolutions are a distant memory so now is the time to
refocus and get back on track for bathing suit season. The single best tool
at your disposal for helping you eat healthy, eat light and eat often is your
accountability journal—you bite it, you write it!

3. It’s spring—eat some snap peas

Yep…they are in season and they are sweet and delicious and super low
in calories. Sugar snap, snow or pod peas—all are filled with fiber, Bvitamins and iron—and all this for a mere 40 calories per cup!

4. Eat cherry tomatoes

It’s the season to take advantage of this all-star vegetable. These sweet
and luscious little cherries are simply a must during the spring and
summer months. They are extremely low in calories, yet are a rich
source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes are most notable for
their lutein and lycopene content. Lutein boosts eye health and lycopene
protects against prostate cancer.


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