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Self Identity

Jun 3, 2015

Think for a moment about what your current self-identity consists of.

(leading off with the inner self nonsense but it seriously works)

Anyone who has experienced a “true” body transformation
can tell you that they become somewhat of a different person.

Not only do they move more, exercise consistently,
and eat better, they also think differently,
act differently,and surround themselves with different people.

Priorities and values have shifted. Deep down,
they are still the same person; however,their
self-identity and external lifestyle choices change.

What's holding you back?

Have you ever taken the time to think about
what may be holding you back from the goals you desire?
Is it the self-identity that you currently relate to?

Could it be fear of creating a new self-identity
for yourself that those around you may not accept?

What could change for the better if you created a
self-identity that was consistent with your goals?

For me at least it was the crowd I was hanging out with in college.
I put on a TON of weight my freshman year of college.

We ate all the time drank all the time and that changed
from the goody two shoes that I was in High school.

I tried to eat healthy around these guys one time
and change my workouts and I got remarks like

"What are you on a diet or something?"

Like me trying to lose weight was and get my
health on track was an offense to them.

Needless to say we had a falling out and over
the summer I dropped almost all of the weight.

Put on muscle and came back to school a new man.

When I got back home though my real friends
these kids I grew up with told me point blank.
"Dude you look like crap"

You think that got me fired up? Hell yes
It pissed me off for days.

But these guys from back home were generally
concerned with my health and actually cared.

Though it did made me get serious about dropping this weight
and showing those fat pieces of sh*t
back at school that they were the wrong.

Did I stop having the occasional take out? No

Did I stop going out to parties in the summer? No

Did I stop drinking at these parties? Hell No!

Did I do it in moderation? Yep

Did I lose the weight? Yes!

So guys take a goodlong hard look in the mirror and see
what is holding you back.

Maybe you need to have to cut some people
out of your life like I did.

Or maybe you need to break up with some habits
like I also did of eating out 5 times a week.

Anyways take a look at old you and get a good
idea of what you want the new you to look like.

Hell even find a picture of what you want to look
like, and tape it on your bathroom mirror.

And every day you look at it I want you to think
about if you are progressing towards your goal
of looking like that each day.

I know this sounds stupid and maybe even stupid
But I'm all about being real and this really works.

So guys to wrap up look at yourself and
your actions and see what is holding you back.

Tape that picture of what you want to look like up
on your bathroom mirror and ask yourself everyday
if you are heading towards your goal of looking like that.


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