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Precription Medicine

Aug 20, 2014

Lets talk about prescription meds. How many people do you know that cover up symptoms with drugs before trying natural remedies to cure things like anxiety, fatigue, or body fat? Newer studies are showing that many people... may have a gluten intolerance that do not even know it. Simple way to test: take out gluten today. Besides artificially made sugars (sugar=carbs), gluten is next in line for being a "bad" carb. This is just one example of many different food allergies people may not be aware of having. Take home point: do your own research as much as you can. New knowledge is constantly being born!

Knowing what to do versus actually doing it....
Most of us know healthy choices from unhealthy choices. For many of us, this knowledge alone satisfies us and often leads to procrastinating our healthy choices for another day. So how do we stick to eating healthy and exercising in a society that thrives off of instant gratification and convenience? For me, the answer is simple: take advice from other successful people. Just knowing that other people are doing what you want to be doing (or not doing) will give you more motivation. Also, advice from a successful person usually will give you a perspective that you could not see on your own because of emotions. When someone gives you advice about anything, they are almost always much less emotionally detached from what you're going through. They can give much more logical advice because their thoughts are not being clouded by emotions. Always follow logic!

Conclusion... Figure out what foods you may need to take out or add and see if you feel better. Ask more questions to people you aspire to be like. Successful people love to talk about their success and are almost always happy to give advice.


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