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Natural Ways To Increase Energy

Sep 18, 2014

1: Make sleep, and a proper sleep cycle, a priority. Everything in life is easier with a good nights rest.
2: Get on a strength training routine. Strength training increases "youth" hormones.
3: Eat all the colors of vegetables every day.
4: Find an aerobic regime that you have fun doing. Better aerobic health increases oxygen su...pply and gives you more energy.
5: Make sure you are eating enough fat. Fat is a hormone precursor.
6: Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Nothing will zap your energy more than depression.
7: Avoid too much caffeine. Caffeine is an addictive drug. You will require more and more of it. Eventually, it may interrupt sleep without you even noticing it. Caffeine gives you more energy in the moment but the crash you get later has been proven to take away more energy than it originally gave.
8: Avoid excessive alcohol. Alcohol decreases sleep quality and studies have determined that sleep debt is cumulative. You may feel "normal" but remember that normal is relative. You may be more tired than you realize and your health will decline quicker.


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