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July 23rd Trainer Tuesday: Music

Jul 23, 2013

What are some of your favorite workout songs?


I don’t have any favorite work out songs, but I do believe the genre can greatly influence technique, intensity, and the outcome desired from the client. For example, when working on speed and agility work with the ladder, higher bpm work much better. For general lifting, a good mix of rock and dubstep, and when it comes to postural holds, trigger point rolling, and flexibility work, lower bpm/downtempo can help you focus and relax.


So truth be told I love all music but when it comes to working out or left up to me I enjoy heavy metal. I play the drums and I have fascination with double bass pedals. So I don't have an all-time favorite but one of my favorites is called "Grave of opportunity" by Unearth.


During a nice jog in the summer, I really appreciate Little Stevie Wonder. Sunset in particular comes to mind.
Other than that: Metal.
My taste hasn't changed that much since high school. Any Rage Against The Machine or Pantera are perfect.


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