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July 16: Trainer Tuesday. Salt!

Jul 16, 2013

Question: What are some sources of dietary sodium that people may not know about?

Sodium is in everything. I one thing I hear mention a lot is the instant soups that are in most “health aisles” in the grocery store. Beware because these soups seem health when we see lentils etc., but are loaded with sodium, so above all read your labels.

Some food has blatant salt in it for instance soy sauce. I think that people assume they need to add salt to foods that already have plenty of sodium in them. For instance, hamburger. There is sodium in hamburger already so to add sodium is a bit much. I think people under estimate the sodium content in drinks like Gatorade, crystal light, TAANG, etc...

Basically, anything in a box is going to have some preservatives and sodium. Personally, I just assume that most packaged items are loaded with sodium unless otherwise stated. Also 95% of restaurants go buck-wild with salt. Salt tastes good, restaurants want to stay in business.
There is a joke: What is the difference between a good Chinese food Chef and a great Chinese Food Chef?

The amount of MSG.

MSG is what scientists feed to lab rats to plump them up before trying new Weight Loss drugs.


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