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I Didn't Want To Workout

May 28, 2015

So there I was on a Tuesday after a long weekend and I didn't want to workout.

But here is the problem... I ate a lot this weekend (and probably had to many beers also)...

It was all good I didn't put on any ridiculous amount of weight and tracked my calories to compensate for it. My girlfriends mother is way to good of a cook for her own good. One of my rules this weekend was not to get thirds of everything.

Sure we hiked and shoot golf balls around but it wasn't a workout that's for sure. So Tuesday morning came around like it normally does after a long weekend and I didn't want to workout.

I felt...



Achy from 11 hours of driving through DC and NYC traffic

What ever the reason is it shouldn't matter right?

Well maybe.

The Jedi Mind trick that I have used in the past to get over these feelings and to get my shit together is simple.

Go to the gym.

That's right just show up at the front door and scan the thing on your key chain.

That's it.

You are probably like Bill that is the stupidest bit of trainer motivational nonsense I've ever heard.

Well there is more to it than that.

The main reason I didn't want to workout is lack of motivation like most people.
Not because I was too tired not because I was injured.
But because I lacked motivation.

All I needed to do to get a workout in was show up then I was fine.
Not only that I crushed my routine.

Getting started for most people is literally the hardest part.

So the deal I made with myself a long time ago and the Jedi Mind trick is to show up and scan in.
After that I can turn right back around if I want to and go home.

If I am still literally so tired from a crazy travel weekend after I scan in I'll go home and take a nap.
If I'm not feeling well and might be sick after I scan in it's ok to go home and rest.

This just shows the reasoning the main reasons people don't do something is motivation.

If you lack it just show up to workout and more often than not things will fall into place.


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