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Fitness Goals

Jan 7, 2015

It’s that time of year again. Where the masses walk into a gym for the first time in weeks, months, or even years! Time to get back in the game! We all know that most people take it easy during the holidays and pack on a few pounds with all of those delicious desserts (my mother’s baklava didn’t help). Now is the time to get serious, and below are the top 5 Fitness Goals to help you achieve success this year!

#1 Set reasonable expectations
Sounds like a bit of a downer when everyone is all excited and gearing up to achieve all of their goals this year, but seriously keep reading (and you better listen because these people are wicked smaht). Social Psychologists from the Harvard Business School say one of the main reasons that people fail especially with New Year’s fitness resolutions is because expectations are way too high. If you think you are going to lose 30 pounds in two weeks before your wedding this year you better think again.
A great rule of thumb for body fat lose is losing 1% of your overall mass per week. Sure it doesn’t sounds like a lot, but people who loss a ton of weight super-fast have a greater likelihood to put it back on. Lets be real, nobody wants that.

#2 Write down your goals
In 1979 the fine people of Harvard’s MBA program did a study where the students were asked “Have you set goals for your future and do you have the plans to achieve them?” Only 3% actually wrote them down. 10 years later the same group was interviewed and it turns out on average the 3% that wrote down their goals on average were earning 10 times as much as the rest of their class… I’ll give you another moment to let that sink in… 10 TIMES AS MUCH!!!
Now this study in itself was, “all about the Benjamin’s” so to speak, but it reinforces the point that you need to have a clear understanding and the focus to achieve your fitness goals.

#3 Set up a routine
Exercise should be a regular part of your day, so set some times for it. If you just do it sporadically you will get (believe it or not) sporadic results. For finding the best results, make your workout the same time every day that you work out. If it becomes a lunch time ritual, then you better keep it for that time slot.

#4 Try out a new Fitness Trend to keep it interesting.
If you always wanted to try Yoga then find a yogi (who hopefully isn’t too natural and showers on a regular basis), or if you want to try mountain biking then buy a bike and sign up for some classes in the spring and summer. The internet is a wonderful place to find all sorts of fun fitness activities that can keep things exciting for you.

#5 Or better yet hire a Personal Trainer!
You might ask why would I need a trainer and what personal trainers do? Wellllllll they motivate you by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients. So when you are struggling to lose those last 5 pounds and don’t want to workout anymore. Personal trainers will give you that push in the right direction (or kick in the ass if you really need it). As much as I love workout videos you can’t get that from Richard Simmons jazzercise video!


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