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Fall Back Into Fitness

Sep 3, 2013

Join us this Fall to get back on track with Fitness Together-Cambridge. If you are looking around at other clubs here is what you should have ready to ask:

1. Do you have 1:1 and Small Group personal training? How big are the groups?

-The size of the groups are important because it will be challenging for the trainer/coach to keep an eye on everyone if there is more than 4/5 people.

2. What type of assessments do you do? How often do you re-test?

-Some facilities don't test which is important in order to establish a starting point. Getting consistent re-tests helps to show progress or regression-Either are positive reinforcements to understand where you need to improve or get a high-five for achieving the previous goal.

4. What happens if I get injured or I am really sore?

-It is important that the professional that you are working with has a wide range of experience with injury prevention and understands how to assess your well-being on a day-to-day basis. You deserve a workout made for your needs not the same workout from the person before or the person after you.

5. Ask what happens when you are done with the initial consultation...will you be with that trainer? If not does the new trainer have the same philosophy, understanding of movement, ect...

-Often times the person you sign up with is not the trainer that you will be working with on regular basis...which is fine as long as the trainer you are paired wth fits your needs and is in close communication with the original coach otherwise, the expectations might not line up.

I could come up with a few more but I think the point is we all need to get healthier no matter where you go but make sure you are getting sound, intelligent, and accountable-keeping professionals when you choose.



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