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Don't Let Holiday Parties ruin your hard work....

Oct 10, 2013

As we get deeper into the fall and the winter approaches we have a lot of Holidays in the future. I know most people tend to put on weight in colder months when there is Holiday parties both personal and business. I will be the first one to say enjoy yourself but try to pick a few parties or holidays where you can leave your discipline at the door. For all of the other ones definitely have fun with your friends or colleagues but try to eat before you go to the party. This will give you a reason to say "NO" to gramma's homemade pie and ice cream. Try to focus on veggies and lean protein if you are eating at the party. If you know yourself all to well and don't think you can say "NO" it might be the best option to skip it.

I put a link below that has best choices and worst choices for Holiday foods. Dana Eisland, RD, LDN will hosting a Nutrition seminar on October 19th at 12pm and this will actually be one of the topics she will be discussing.

If nothing else remember that no one else has YOUR body and you only get one. So don't ever feel obligated to eat something because you think it will hurt the hosts' feelings or they will get mad at you. Be a leader not a follower-perhaps your discipline will inspire someone else to do the same!


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