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Client of the Month: Paul; May 2013

May 21, 2013

Paul M.

Client of the Month: May 2013

Paul has lost over 20 lbs in 6 weeks.

"I have never been an active person. For a long time, I told myself that working out was for other people. After I quit smoking in May 2012, I decided to get healthier and more active. I knew that I needed the accountability, challenge and support that comes with personal training.

I don't like doing things that I'm not good at. But through training, I realized the importance of always trying something new, having goals that are a stretch, and to keep showing up even when I'm not feeling it.

I feel stronger and more confident. I get compliments at work and from my friends about my appearance. Beyond just my appearance, I am on the road to being an active person for the rest of my life. I've just started training for a 60 mile charity bike ride in the September. I never would have done decided to do the ride without Fitness Together helping me feel confident about taking on new challenges."

Paul has received a free week of Boston Organics vegetables for his hard work.


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