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Be More Like a Kid

Jul 30, 2014

Kids are on a daily routine. They wake up at the same time every day and eat three square meals. In between eating you will find them learning or outside running around with friends. With a little guidance from parents, kids just do what feels right. To me, this is what being healthy is all about.

As an adult, our guidance comes from our peers and research. With a little time taken to update ourselves on the latest health tips, living a healthy lifestyle should be effortless. If we could get as close to a routine as we had as kids, we could have more time to de-stress and feel better. I believe that if we set our moods first, exercising and eating healthy will be the only choice you want to make.

So start planning your days with square meals, make sure to have some fun with friends and get on the best sleep routine that your adult life allows.


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