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6 Tips For A Healthier You

Oct 29, 2014

6 Tips for a Healthier You

1. DO LESS- This doesn't make sense to a lot of people at first but to achieve more, you have to do less. People make changes hard on themselves by attempting to change to many things at once. People can typically change only one behavior at a time. So stop trying to change your diet completely, let's start with changing one thing. For example try eating breakfast every morning if you don't already. Or try eating more serving of veggies. Whatever it is for the next month try changing just one thing relating to nutrition and stick with it.

2. Focus on nutrition - Exercise alone doesn't work-
Exercise alone isn't very effective at promoting weight loss. However when you combine a proper exercise program plus the right nutrition habits you are headed the right direction! So let's make today the start of changing your body by focusing on a new nutrition habit every 2-4 weeks.

3. Find a social support network-
Being surrounded by people who eat poorly and have no idea about healthy nutrition can actually be detrimental to you. Weight gain can actually be contagious. If you hang with people that have poor habits you can fall right into that habit as well and it is very easy to do so. Fortunately leanness can also be contagious. If you hang around people who inspire you, and lift you up, you'll find yourself inspiring others and lifting up those around you. Try and find just one person to start to help inspire you to become healthy. Someone you can go for a walk with or talk about healthy cooking ideas this will make your goals come much quicker and you will be much happier.

4. Give yourself an incentive reward-
It doesn't matter what the incentive is. But there has to be one to keep you motivated and on the right path. Some ideas are, plan a vacation, have a body transformation contest with your friends, buy that something special you've been wanting for so long. Just plan something, it will give you the extra push when you really don't feel like being good anymore.

5. Take a Risk-
On the other side of reward, we've got punishment. If you don't follow your new healthy work out and nutrition plan have a planned punishment that you will have to complete if you do not stay true to your plan. Again this can be anything, an example could be that you have to eat your most disliked vegetable with every meal for one day.

6. Do something right now-anything-
Do something positive, anything, right now.


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