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6 Active and Static Stretches to help prevent injuries

Apr 22, 2015

1)Leg Swings
Begin with forward leg swings. Find something to hold for balance. Start off swinging your right leg backwards and forwards as high and as far back as you comfortably can. Do 20 swings and then switch legs.

2)Walking knee hug
Walking down the length of the room pulling your knee up towards your torso.

3)Walking Quad Stretch
Walking down the length of the room pulling your ankle up towards your butt, step forward and repeat.

4) Spiderman stretch
Starting in push up position bringing your foot up to the side next to your hand. Hold it for about 5 seconds each 5 times on each leg.

5) Static Quad stretch
Starting on all fours, you place your foot on a stationary object like a couch or table, the other foot is flat on the floor. Lean your torso back and if you want to add more continue to lean backwards and shift your body weight forwards.

6) Chest Stretch
Find a door frame hands grabbing on either side bending your elbows putting one foot in front and lean forwards.


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