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5 Tips To Achieving A 6 Pack

Aug 12, 2014

1. Lose body fat. Your core muscles are naturally very strong because they are used in everything you do. More times than not, you already have a nice 6 pack but it can not be seen because it is under fat. Focus more on what you put in your stomach than exercises that target your stomach. Lean protein, nuts, veggies and high fiber carbohydrates.

2. Train your legs. Your legs are the biggest muscles in your body. Muscles are your tools to expend energy and burn fat. The more muscle used in an exercise means the more fat you can burn.

3. Train your core to build muscle, not lose fat. Training your core muscles is obviously a great step to achieving a 6 pack. However, training the muscles on your stomach has nothing to do with taking the fat off your stomach. As you exercise and burn fat, the locations of your body that lose fat will be determined by genetics. Think of it this way: If you wanted to gain 20lbs of fat for whatever reason, could you tell your body where to put the fat? Of coarse not, and you can not tell your body where to take fat off by training a muscle underneath the fat.

4. Train your core harder, not longer. If you are holding a plank for 2 minutes or more, it is time to move on to something more challenging. Try doing a plank on a swiss ball or have someone add weight to your mid/lower back. If you wanted to get strong biceps and could curl x amount of weight for 25 reps, you would probably realize it is time to increase the weight.

5. Similar to #4, focus your whole body routine around intensity rather than duration. Having a low body fat with muscle mass is a display of power. If you want to look powerful you have to train powerfully. A great example would be instead of biking moderately for 45 minutes, try going for 20 minutes at a higher intensity. This will result in more muscle built which increases the bodies metabolism.


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