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"Wow, you love the planks huh? Why not do a crunch or sit-up?"

Sep 4, 2013

I had a client the other day say, "Man, you love the planks huh? Why aren't we doing crunches?” First off nothing against crunches and sit-ups when done properly they can be effective. One problem is that you have to do 4 or 5 different variations in order to work the entire mid-section. If done improperly they can lead to issues with your neck or lower back. Our typical client doesn't have hours of time to dedicate to abdominal work and generally most clients are looking to prevent future injuries. We have 45 minute sessions so we need to get in and out in a timely fashion and still hit everything we set out to do. Rotational exercises and bridging (plank) exercises not only cause your entire mid-section to activate but it will:

-help regulate breathing under heavy duress and fatigue

-help with overall joint stability, maintaining positioning and spatial awareness

-helps to create and absorb impact forces

-efficiently transfer, accelerate, decelerate and stabilize powerful ground forces

-promotes co-contraction

-helps to protect lumbo-pelvic-hip-complex or LPHC

-improving balance, agility, and coordination

In general the “core” musculature is not only responsible for all movement, it is also responsible for protecting the neck, shoulders, spine, hips and pelvis from injury. The main point to take away is that by learning how to properly bridge and do variations of rotational exercises it will help you with other movements, overall posture and alleviate some lumber issues.

I think another point I want to make is that you are not completely isolated to bridging or planking for your core strength. A lot of the exercises you do with your trainer here at Fitness Together-Cambridge revolves around core strength. We focus on building your core strength in a number of different of ways mainly because when you have a stronger mid-section the body is more efficient at movement. More efficient movement allows for progression in strength, cardiovascular conditioning, and mental well-being.

Learn more about your core strength and why you are doing these exercises on September 28th at 12pm. Contact us today to sign up for the seminar. It is free for clients and only $20 for non-clients. This is a great way for an education for a next to nothing price and at the same time you can see our facility! Hope to see you soon...



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