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May 2024 Client of the Month Suzanne

May 1, 2024

Client of the Month: Suzanne J.

We are thrilled to announce Suzanne as the Client of the Month at Fitness Together Burlington! This recognition is well-deserved due to her hard work and dedication to achieving her fitness goals.

In August 2023, Suzanne joined our studio with the goal of getting strong, losing some weight and feeling good. Suzanne consistently trains four times a week and has shown remarkable progress in her strength gains, weight loss, and overall fitness level. Suzanne has lost 10lbs, decreased her %body fat, and lost a significant number of inches throughout her body while gaining muscle!

Suzanne’s commitment is evident in her regular attendance, and she often arrives early for her cardio warm up and is always willing to compete in all the studio competitions. Her positive attitude and dedication to pushing her limits during each session has not only inspired those around her but has led the trainers to create some fun and challenging workouts for her. Suzanne reminds us all why we love what we do!

Fun Facts....

Suzanne has two jobs, as a bartender at Dave & Busters during the night and a dog walker during the day. Suzanne has a 4-year-old German Shepard named Willow who she enjoys spending time with and taking on long walks. She also loves to hang out at the beach, especially during the summer, and her favorite color is lavender

Keep pushing, keep achieving and keep being the incredible person you are!! Congratulations Suzanne!!!


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