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May 2023 Clients of the Month Brenda and Chris Cahoon

May 1, 2023

Brenda and Cahoon are May’s Fitness Together Clients of the Month. Brenda has been working out at Fitness Together 2x a week with our trainers and has made tremendous progress! She has gotten so much stronger and has even learned to “enjoy” the hex bar deadlift even though it challenges her! She is always early for her session and is very disciplined with getting her cardio in before her workouts. Brenda always greets every trainer and client with a smile and makes everyone she meets feel welcome!

Chris has been working out 3x a week with our trainers and has gotten incredibly strong. Chris’s dedication to his workouts and his hard work has not gone unnoticed! He impresses not only the staff but the clients who see him week to week! He recently had an impressive PR of 300lbs on the hex bar! He also was the winner of the March Madness Challenge beating out everyone with an impressive one mile assault bike time of 2:07! Chris enjoys lifting all the heavy weights and particularly enjoys things that challenge him! His favorite exercise at the moment is the double kettlebell racked squat. He started out with just a single 16kg Kettlebell and has progressed to two 26kgs!

When Chris and Brenda are not working out they like to spend time with each other and their his three kids! On the weekends, you may catch them at one of their favorite spots to eat Sweet Ginger enjoying a martini or Hendricks gin ! The FT team love having both Chris and Brenda as part of the family, and are so proud of everything they have accomplished!


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