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March's Client Of The Month - Jane M !

Mar 7, 2022

Who is She? She is…

Born and raised in South Korea, moved to the US as an adult and opened up a deli shop in Kansas City which she worked at for 30+ years, is a mother and grandmother, and currently lives in Colorado.

Why is She? Because She…

Trained consistently 2x per week since June 2020 over Zoom and has trusted her trainers with her program throughout the entire process. Before starting virtual training, Jane had only ever worked out about 4 months prior to Covid shutting down the gyms in her area, so she was very new to having a strength training program. Jane’s initial goals were to feel stronger, so she can pick things up without being scared of hurting herself, have less knee pain, be able to keep up with her grandkids and increase her balance. Now, Jane is a LOT stronger (is always asking her kids to get her more weight!), has significantly improved her balance, has NO knee pain, feels much healthier in all aspects of her life, and has noticed a huge increase in her energy levels. Jane used to struggle to pick up a 20lb bag of rice at the grocery store…but now she can pick up 40lb bags of rice without a struggle!

How did She? She…

Always showed up to her sessions with an open mind and took the trainer’s feedback seriously. Whether it was a mobility warm-up or an exercise she wanted to improve on, she would always practice in her free time. Jane also stays active by walking outside consistently every day (unless the weather prevents her to). She loves moving her body and enjoys cooking and eating nutritious foods which really helps her progress.

Fun facts about Jane…

Jane LOVES watching sports. Her favorite sports to watch are basketball (favorite teams to root for are KU & Michigan), football (roots for just Michigan), volleyball, and tennis. She also is a big fan of Tom Brady but mostly cheers for Michigan because her son and daughter-in-law went to school there. Jane also loves to cook a lot of Korean food for her family and hosts family dinner at least once a week. Jane loves talking to and meeting new people, always has the best attitude, brings positive energy to her sessions, and even teaches her trainers Korean in between sets!


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