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March Madness Fitness Tournament

Mar 7, 2022

When: Monday March 14th

Where: Fitness Together Burlington

How: Tell your trainer that you want to Opt-in to get signed up!

In the spirit of competition and March Madness, Fitness Together Will be hosting our own little tournament starting Monday, March 14th!

To ensure fairness and equal competition we will separate competitors into regions. We will hold the final say of the region you compete in to create the best competition we can. This will be an Opt-In event, so you will not be forced to participate.

  • The Atlantic Region will be a plank with good form for time. Trainer decides when the plank no longer meets standards.

  • The Mid-West Region will be the most med ball slams accumulated in 2 minutes. Women will use 8lbs Men use 10lbs.

  • The Northwest Region will be #of jump rope reps in 3 minutes. There is no penalty for messing up.

**In cases of odd numbers in a region a bye will be awarded to the most senior client (years training at FT)

For those who opt not to participate in the tournament have no fear! Just like us not participating in the real march madness tournament, you will be able to do a bracket challenge in which you try and predict the winner from each bracket!


You will complete your challenge at the start of a session for as long as you are still in the tournament! This means you could be doing your event multiple times in the month so be prepared!

The competitor with the longest time/most reps completed will advance to the next round.

Your trainer gets final say on rep count/time.


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