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March 2023 Clients of the Month Cherylene and Dan

Mar 4, 2023

Cherylene Plewa & Dan Solovay

Meet the dynamic duo Cherylene and Dan! Cherylene and Dan have been extremely dedicated to their goals of getting stronger and living a healthier lifestyle! They started as virtual only clients during the pandemic and have since been consistently coming into the studio two times a week. They have both gotten a lot stronger and more confident with their exercises. Cherylene has seen the most improvement in her leg strength, gaining almost a pound of muscle in her legs! Dan has gained over four pounds of muscle seeing most of his strength most of his gains in his trunk and upper body! Cherylene and Dan enjoy working out and particularly enjoy doing deadlifts and bench presses! They like how the movements make them feel strong! When they aren’t crushing here it Fitness Together, you may find them going to the movies to catch the newest flick, skiing, or playing board games!


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