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Lynne Anastasiades November Client of the Month

Nov 1, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce Lynne Anastasiade as our November Client of the Month at Fitness Together Burlington! She started her fitness journey with us the summer of 2022 training with us one on one two times a week and has since bumped it up to three times a week! Her determination and hard work have yielded some great results! With the help of her coaches, and her consistent commitment to her fitness program, she has achieved impressive strength gains and overall fitness improvements. Lynne is a two time champion of our March Madness Fitness Challenge, winning the med ball slam challenge this year and the low plank challenge last year! Lynne approaches every workout with a good attitude and is always up to push her limits! In addition to winning challenges, Lynne also hit her goal of trap bar deadlifting 100lbs! She not only lifted 100lbs, but she lifted 115lbs for multiple reps!

In addition to her commitment to fitness, Lynne has worked hard on making sustainable changes to her nutrition as well! In her last Inbody, Lynne was down in her body fat percent while continuing to gain muscle! Her dedication to nutrition and wellness outside the gym is truly commendable ! When Lynne isn’t in the gym, you will find her cooking delicious meals for her family, or out for a drink with her friends! Lynne also stays active by going for walks when she isn’t in the studio. Congratulations, Lynne, on being our November Client of the Month. Your hard work and inspirational presence are greatly appreciated, and we can’t wait to see where your fitness journey takes you next!


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