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January 2023 Client of the Month- Lauren Hitchins

Jan 1, 2023

Who is she? She is…

A daughter, a sister, a super nice person, and an extremely hard worker! Lauren always puts in 100% during all her sessions, and has been consistently making progress!

Why is she? Because she…

Lauren shows up to every workout ready to give 100% effort! No matter what we throw at her, she is up to try it and isn’t afraid to try a heavier weight when she can! She never takes the easy way out, even if we don’t tell her to do the assault bike before she leaves, Lauren will remind us even though she doesn’t enjoy doing it! She knows it takes patience, consistency, and hard work to reach her goals! Lauren has lost almost 20 lbs since starting at Fitness Together, and we couldn’t be prouder!

How did she? She…

Ever since Joining Fitness Together, Lauren has been training with us one on one at least three times a week! She will always add a fourth day if her busy work schedule allows for it! Lauren is always at least fifteen minutes early for her workouts to make sure she gets her cardio in before her session! These little things over time have added up and she is killing it! Lauren has also made many changes to her nutrition, being more mindful of what she eats, and adding in a protein shake to make sure she hits her protein numbers!

Fun facts about Lauren!

Lauren works at Eddie V’s Prime Seafood and is one of the best there! Lauren also always has the most amazing nails and can give you advice on what color to do if you ever need it! When Lauren isn’t crushing it here at Fitness Together you may find her shopping at TJ Maxx with her mom or walking her dog! She also has a sister who lives in Florida who she visits when she can!

Keep up the great work Lauren!


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