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December 2023 Clients of the Month Rita and Mike Auble

Dec 1, 2023

We are ending the 2023 year with this dynamic duo as our December Clients of the Month…. Rita and Mike! Their commitment, hard work, and support for each other have truly shone through in their fitness journey.

Rita's energy and Mike's determination make them an outstanding couple and we truly have seen them put in the work ever since they started with us. Rita and Mike began training at Fitness Together Burlington in March 2022. They not only train separately, but on Fridays they train together where they push each other in a positive way while having fun (unless it's competitive…like ladder drills)!

Rita and Mike are also known around the studio for being big competition winners. Rita won our 3-week Cardio Challenge this past July and Mike was a close second-place winner. Mike also was one of our Bingo winners, getting “Black Out” and got second place in the 1-mile Assault Bike March Madness Challenge. In addition to being known for winning competitions, one might also have met them on the cardio machines warming up for their sessions or doing cardio on their non-FT days.

With the guidance of our trainers, Mike and Rita have not only gotten super strong, but have seen some MAJOR changes in their body composition as well! Since starting here at Fitness Together, Rita is down 16 lbs, has lost 6% body fat, decreased her visceral fat and has lost a total of 26.5 inches! Mike has lost 12 lbs of body fat mass, gained 5lbs of muscle, and lost 2% body fat!.

Rita has had many non-scale victories as well! She had a goal of doing one push up from the floor, and now can do 12 with ease! Mike is now a Turkish-Get Up master and one of the fastest sprinters on the Assault Bike. Both Rita and Mike have also made many positive changes to their daily lives outside of their workouts. Both are much more mindful when eating, have been adding in extra cardio, and have been doing mobility stretches on the weekends so they won’t get stiff.

Fun Facts…..

Rita and Mike have a son named Zach who is a student and lacrosse player at UMass Amherst. Zach is a successful lacrosse player for Umass, and it is clear Rita and Mike have been an extremely positive influence on him showing him how hard work and dedication can get you far! When they aren’t working out at FT, they enjoy traveling to UMass to watch their son's game and to spend time with him. They also have three dogs (black labs) who they love to pieces and enjoy taking them on walks together! Mike is also a great cook, and Rita also boasts about the delicious meals he makes. When Mike isn’t cooking, you might catch them at their favorite restaurant, the Bancroft.

Their progress is a testament to the power of dedication and collaboration. Kudos to Rita and Mike for their well-deserved recognition this month!


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