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December 2022- Client Of The Month -Tanya Gonzalez

Dec 1, 2022

Tanya Gonzalez

Who is she? She is…

A mother, a dog mom to the cutest pup, always positive and all around great person! Tanya is always up for whatever challenge we throw at her and has been consistently working towards her goals!

Why is she? Because she…

Tanya shows up to every session with a positive attitude no matter how tired she is from a long day at work! She always hops on the assault bike to warm up even though she hates it, and she even does it with a smile! Tanya has gotten so much stronger since she started training with us, she has lost 20lbs, gained muscle, and has also lost and many inches! Tanya understands the importance of exercise and the importance of self-care! She has made her goals a priority and has consistently made progress!

How did she? She…

Ever since joining Fitness Together Burlington in 2021 Tanya has been training with us one on one two times a week. Tanya has remained consistent throughout her time with us ! She never misses a session, and always makes sure to reschedule when she has to miss! Tanya is always up for an extra session during the week when we ask her, and she makes sure she keeps moving when she isn't in the studio training with us! Tanya has also been consistently making positive changes to her nutrition habits following the 80/20 rule and making sure to eat plenty of protein with each meal. Tanya is extremely coachable and knows that results take time. Between working out, and eating well, Tanya has stayed the course, and it shows!

Fun facts about Tanya!

Tanya is a fashionista, and is a go-to person for what to wear on any occasion! She is a dog mom to the cutest dog Keke. She loves to walk her and give her all the cuddles! Tanya grew up in Vermont and loves to visit family there and enjoy the outdoors! She is extremely family oriented and is always there for the people in her life when they need her! Tanya’s birthday is also in December, and she will be visiting Puerto Rico to celebrate!

Keep up the great work Tanya!


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