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August Client of the Month Kevin Buck!

Jul 31, 2023

Meet Kevin Buck, Fitness Together Burlington’s August Client of the Month! Kevin, also known as Buck, has been training with us here at Fitness Together since 2015! Buck came to Fitness Together looking to improve on his flexibility and strength and to specifically direct his training to improve his golf . Under the guidance of our coaches and hard work Kevin has seen many improvements! Struggling with knee pain, with consistent strength training he has been able to better manage his pain and continue to do the activities he enjoys! In addition to moving and feeling better, Kevin was down 5lbs in his last inbody weigh-in! Kevin always comes in for his cardio before his session, and is very active when he isn’t in the gym! Kevin's favorite exercise to do is rowing variations as well as exercises that target the triceps!

When Kevin isn’t working out at Fitness Together, you will find him on a golf course or playing tennis! Buck is also really into collecting records, and often goes to records stores to add to his collection! He is even turning his office into a record room! Kevin’s favorite drink is tequila and fresca and at the Andover Country Club; they call it the “Bucky” in his honor! Kevin also enjoys traveling to play golf, and his favorite course he ever went to was in Scotland! Buck also likes spending time with his wife, daughter and two dogs!


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