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The Value of an Accountability Partner and Workout Buddy

Mar 20, 2013

What are friends for? There can be many answers to that question. Our friends are there for us when we are going through difficult times and they are there to share the fun times in life with us.

But friends can provide another value to the growth of us as professionals and on a personal level. Last month, I cited the power that writing your goals down can have. Putting what you’d like to accomplish on paper cements it as a task, rather than just a thought running through your mind. To further take that practice to the next level, two friends can become ‘Accountability Partners’. They can help make sure that those goals written down are being pursued and achieved throughout the week or month.

We’re human beings. It’s easy for us to make excuses to ourselves: passing up that much needed workout because “I’m too tired”; not getting to the office an hour early to do extra prep for an important meeting because “the power point is good enough”; or putting off that vacation with your spouse because “well, it’s a little expensive”.

But when someone is holding us accountable to something you have asked them to, things can easily change. It gets a lot more difficult to blow something off if at the end of the week, your accountability partner is asking you if you got to the gym those 3 times you said you were going to. Or if you finally booked that weekend getaway that your spouse more than deserves.

It can go a long way towards making sure you get those extra things done that will help make you a better professional and person. Setting up a quick, 10 minute phone call each week can provide enough time to 1) go over the goals you’d like to accomplish over the next week and 2) review the goals from the previous week that you set for yourself. You will feel much more accomplished if indeed; you have proved to your partner that you did the things you set out to do. On the contrary, you will feel much worse if you not only made an excuse to yourself, but to someone else as well.

The suggestion from me is to find someone who will take this practice seriously with you. who will want the same benefits from it as you do. I have been doing this for approximately 4 months and it has helped me greatly.

The tonality from my accountability partner when I told him I was supposed to have completed a new article 2 weeks ago was such that it made me take a half hour out of my Sunday to finally get it done so that the next time we spoke, I would feel accomplished, and not lazy.

So thus concludes the goal I set three weeks ago that without my accountability partner, would be four weeks old this Friday.


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