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Personal Training Success Stories

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After *

Miles C.

What a journey!

Fitness Together took me on as a client late in 2016. I remember during the initial consultation Derek asking "Why now? What do you want to get from this?" My answer was simple, "Time." I lost my father at a young age to cancer and now that I have a young family I wanted to do everything in my power to get as much time with them as possible. I knew changes to my diet and activity levels needed to happen and needed to happen yesterday.

It's been 10 months since that initial consultation, and since then I have lost 60 pounds and gained more energy and strength than I thought possible. FT gave me the mental and physical strength to renew my lease on life. Between the complete butt-kicking sessions and the trainers holding me accountable for my personal goals - FT of Beverly has proven the right equation for my personal success. Both Derek and Zack were flexible in working with my ever-changing schedule with two young children and always, (let me state this again), ALWAYS showed up.

The trainers at FT of Beverly provided an atmosphere where the clients are not just clients, but individuals with different goals. Zack and Derek adapted their approach for my goals to still give me a great work out even with a hurt foot or a tight back. The take home-message at FT of Beverly was to "just show up!"

They can help you with your nutritional goals as well. I would always be emailing Derek or Zack with a question about what to eat or really it was should I eat this or eat that? Either way the trainers at FT of Beverly are people that have truly transformed my life for the better. If you have tried self propulsion in your life and have not succeeded then you owe to yourself to give FT of Beverly a try.

Don K.

He's awesome....

Don K. gives a testimonial about his experience with Fitness Together thus far. 45 pounds down, and looking great!!!

After *

Yelena Z.

20 LB. lost and counting!

Our client, Yelena, down 20 pounds since the fall and looking AWESOME! Keep up the great work!!

Dana M.

Check out a Testimonial from one of FT's Best clients!

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Steve V.

Fitness Together saved my Life

Dear FT,

Thank you for saving my life!* There, I said it. As you know, 3 weeks ago I had a double bypass as the result of two 100% blockages in my left descending artery. The day after my surgery my doctor told me that these blockages are called window makers and the only reason I was alive was because of the collateral veins that developed to allow some blood flow to reach the heart muscle that was blocked off.

He asked me about my physical activity and i told him of the last 3 plus years of starting my day at 545 a.m. 2 to 3 times per week at Fitness Together. He told me to thank FT for pushing me as hard as they do.

Steve V. 63 years old

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Denise P.

See how Denise Lost 8 sizes!*

Fun at Fitness Together!

I can't thank enough the team at Fitness Together! My heroes are Lead Trainer Aaron and Nutrition Consultant and Trainer Derek for their generosity and help that they have provided to transform my life! For someone who had not done any type of physical activity for years, I thought I would just give this a try...

I was unhappy with my weight gain over the years after being on many failed diets! So I took the plunge not really knowing what to expect only that I knew my sister worked with a trainer and she had good results and talked health all of the time. I had also been to the DR's prior to starting FT and my DR wanted to put me on an ACE inhibitor for hypertension. I said NO... thinking this was the route my mother took and I didn't want any part of that. Per my DR I was Obese at 223lbs, I managed to lose 10lbs then I got stuck. Trying to figure out what I should do. That’s when I found FT conveniently located in the Cummings Center/Beverly.

After my assessment with Derek I made it very clear that I wanted to really take my time with this new venture and that I didn't want to get so intense or have such workouts that I would be left sore and not able to walk the next day. After all that is how I would sabotage myself into stopping an exercise regime! That wouldn't work for me now as I was trying to figure out and enjoy the process of my new lifestyle and body to be. That wish was respected throughout each session. In the sessions I found that there were things I was good at and things that I was not so good at. Balance for me was an issue among other weaknesses and I wasn't even aware of that before I started- I thought I had perfect balance! Aaron helped me tremendously by tailoring many of the sessions to work on all the issues, keeping the routine fresh and keeping me motivated. At times, I really felt compassion for Aaron as sometimes I felt like I dragged every ounce of knowledge I could get from him! He was always professional and honest.

What was my initial goal? Honestly, when I was asked by Derek I didn't have a clue what I wanted or for that matter what he was asking. So I decided on my own that my vague goal was to number one show up for sessions and number two learn what it meant to live a healthy lifestyle.

As I attended more session, I started to learn more about nutrition, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. The weight started coming off by not eating less but by eating more nutritious meals and by being consistent. This was scary at first because I always acquated losing weight with not eating (fasting) and skipping meals. Now I was being asked not to do that and now I understand why that is so important. Things really began to click and my sister began to notice changes in my appearance even before I did, my skin was clearer, my energy overall was better. I was a size 20/22 when I started at FT and now a size 14*. Many bags and sizes of clothing were happily given to charity. And still are.

In the meantime, there was illness in my family/friends and life became very stressful. To deflect some of the stress, I got up one day sent out an email to my athlete sister and said; Forrest Gump returns I'm running! I didn't get very far that day but I took it easy and worked my way up to 3 miles in about 3 mos. I ran the Boston Jolly Jaunt 3K in 2012 shortly after with my sister and niece. I enjoyed it and ran it without any concerns. Will I do more? I'm not sure but I do know that I am not really competitive so if I do run a race again it will be because I enjoy it. I have a thought that I am more of a biker than a runner so I recently bought a new bike!

Next thing, I made another DR's appt. completed the blood work and sat and waited for my DR. She looked up and said, hmmm haven't seen you in a year, hmmm you lost 30 pounds since the last time I saw you*! She listened to how I did it then she said, don't gain it back. Oh and your BP is stellar, cholesterol is way down from 160 to 115*....she continued

Then I laughed...I can almost with 99.9% certainty say that I will not gain it back.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth I have increased my cardio activity and I am learning more about nutrition and cooking. I am having fun, walking the beach in the cold of winter, go to the gym and just have more energy to do just about anything with family and friends! I have gone back to school and feel like at 51 I have a bright future ahead of me!

I could not have accomplished so much in such a short period of time without the encouragement, support, knowledge, and motivation of both Aaron and Derek. To me they are doing the most important work anyone could think of doing-Giving people there life back!

Thanks guys!


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Russ Q.

Increased Accountability and Improved Running

My time at Fitness Together has been nothing short of amazing. Derek and Zach offer a whole body experience, from nutrition, to water intake, the muscle prep and exercises; all of it equals stretching your idea of fitness, accountability and your individual goals for weight loss and healthy living. I was fortunate to work with Zach and Derek for both 1 on 1 sessions as well as PACK sessions. Admittedly nervous about working out with a group of strangers, each PACK is geared towards the specific needs of that group. The 1:1 accountability, encouragement and assistance is exactly what I needed at this stage in my life. Everyone at the studio (client and trainer alike) are friendly, encouraging and non-judgmental about ability, weight loss goals, strength etc.

I can't recommend this studio enough. Having use of the knowledge base at Fitness Together is great. Derek even went as far as to assist me with running preps, knowing through a conversation that I was having a hard time loosening up within the first mile of a run, increasing a risk of injury. Please do yourself a favor and check out Fitness Together for all of your fitness needs and goals. You won't be sorry.

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Joe L.

Losing 12 Pounds in 12 Weeks!

I highly recommend Derek Maxfield and his team at Fitness Together.

Six weeks before my physical I decided that I needed to do something about my health. I didn’t want this doctor’s visit to be like so many in my past, like the flossing before I went to the dentist. Year after year my doctor would say something to the effect of, “Come on Joe, let’s get some physical activity going in your life, get walking, biking, please just do something for yourself.”

So instead of listening to the same speech, I made the choice to call Derek at Fitness Together at the Cummings Center in Beverly. After Derek and I discussed my motivation for being there and meeting the other trainers, Zack and Sarah, I signed up for 12 weeks of group training.

From the first day, of 12 weeks of workouts, the FT team’s focus was on making me, a better me, through core strengthening and nutritional education. Zack listened to me as we talked about my goals, my dietary habits, my physical being and what my thoughts were. He came up with a plan for me, encouraged better eating habits and truly showed interest in my well being.

The results to date, I am in better physical shape having dropped 12 pounds and lost 2 inches on my pant waist. I’m eating better and consistently maintaining a workout program. I simply feel better about myself. Friends and family have commented my physical change.

Derek, Zack and Sarah, thank you for all your support!

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Jessica N.

See how Jessica cut down on medications and lost weight*

After a long illness I knew I wanted to try to get back into shape, but I wasn't sure how to start. I began one-on-one training with Derek and Aaron and they really took in to account how I was feeling and chose a fitness and nutrition program that helped me get into shape and feel great. After the first couple of weeks I noticed a huge boost in my energy levels and was even able to cut down on some medications*. During the time that I was at Fitness Together I was able to lose weight and body fat*, improved my endurance and diet, and I began to make exercise a part of my normal routine. I feel healthier and stronger than I have in years and I really owe that to Derek and Aaron and their help and encouragement. Joining Fitness Together was one of the best decisions I have made.

Jessica N.

26 years old

Beverly, MA

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Ron M.

Ron has successfully lost 20 pounds and over 17 inches!*

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Greg K.

Losing 30 pounds and bench pressing your bodyweight for 15 repetitions. Not too shabby..... Great work Greg!

Derek S.

Testimonial from an FT veteran!

I joined Fitness Together a little over five years ago and have lost almost twenty tough pounds* and increased my endurance dramatically. My cardio statistics are at a level I have not seen for thirty years*. In addition to these changes I have a more healthier diet and I feel much better all round. I’m the type of individual who can’t do these things alone and it is only thanks to the personal trainers at FT in Beverly that I have achieved these results.

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Liz C.

Read About how Liz lost 12 inches and went down 2 sizes!

I walked into Fitness Together to meet Derek 11 weeks before my wedding. I had goals that I was sure I could never ever accomplish especially on my own. I knew that if there was any chance at all of it happening I would need help. I had my beautiful wedding dress but I needed to be a different size for it to fit comfortably even with the seamstress making alterations. Derek was totally honest, he said I could keep going to the gym on my own and accomplish my goals in the 11 weeks I had. However, he then asked how I felt about doing it that way. The idea could have made cry since the gym was a place I hated, that gave me anxiety, and that I hadn’t set foot in AGES. I told him I thought I needed their help and signed up.

My fitness evaluation was rough, and a hard reality check for me. My 3 pushups from the knees and the other things Sarah had me do left me sore for a couple days!! But for next 11 weeks I went in 3X a week and worked 1 on 1 with Sarah. She was totally incredible, pushed me to do things I never would have thought possible. In October, I not only got into my dress, but it fit perfectly, and might have even been a tiny bit loose!! I felt amazing! I loved the way I looked in our wedding photos! These were things I didn’t think could happen that fast.

More importantly to me though, after the wedding, I knew I couldn’t stop going. I had to stick with it. I switched to the pack workouts and found that I liked them even more!! I pushed myself harder and it was GREAT to have other people to complain with J Somehow, something happened in those 11 weeks that was bigger than the loss of inches. I really found a love for exercise. Even though there are days it’s still hard to get out the door, where the couch seems more appealing….. Now I know, that 45 minutes is time enough to get a lot done. There is no excuse not to put the effort in for your own wellbeing. That the effort, even when it’s painfully hard is so, so worth it, that I am worth it. That was a lesson I really needed to learn.

12 inches down, started in a size 14, now in a 10….weight….pretty much the same!!

You guys are awesome! Thanks for the important lessons!

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Nicholas M.


25 years old

North Shore, MA

Read how Nicholas lost OVER 100 POUNDS!*

My time at Fitness Together over the past two years has been life-changing. Not only in that I have lost weight and gained strength. Being here has helped to transform my life in all aspects; physically, mentally, and emotionally. Because of the outstanding service provided by Derek Maxfield and his team, I have lost over 100 pounds*. I have gone from having 22.5% body fat to having 7%*. I also went from four pushups in one set to sixty-five in one set. My anxiety levels have decreased dramatically and being in a good mood is now on a much more consistent basis.

When I began I felt very overwhelmed and anxious to embark on what seemed like a daunting journey. I found myself in the great hands of Derek, Aaron, and Zack. Fitness Together Beverly has seen more promising growth and that is a true testament to outstanding team at FT. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to lose ten pounds, fifty pounds, or 100 pounds, or just stay in shape – Fitness Together Beverly is place to join.

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Tuhina D.

Read how Tuhina increased her fitness level!

I originally joined Fitness Together because I was tired of hearing myself make excuses to not work out. I was extremely nervous about hiring a personal trainer because I was embarrassed at how out of shape I was and didn’t know what to expect. I quickly realized I had nothing to be nervous or embarrassed about because the staff was friendly, non-judgmental, and eager to help me take the steps towards an active and healthy lifestyle.

Fast forward 17 months, and I am progressing steadily towards my fitness goals – my endurance has increased and I have become stronger & more flexible. The combined strength training and cardio sessions are always unique and challenging, and I find myself looking forward to them (most of the time).

Thank you to Derek & his team for challenging me every step of the way!

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Amy M.

Check out how Amy completely overhauled her functional fitness

When I decided to give Fitness Together a try, it had been a long time since exercise had been a regular part of my life. I had tried to establish an exercise program on my own many times, but always ended up either overdoing it and hurting myself, or not putting in enough effort and getting discouraged and quitting after a lack of results. One day I found myself struggling to lift myself out of the passenger seat of my husband's car (it's pretty low to the ground, but still!), and suddenly decided that feeling so weak and out-of-shape just wasn't okay with me anymore. I had to push past my fears and self-consciousness and ask for help. As difficult as it was, this was one of the best decisions I ever made. The amazing trainers at FT were with me every step of the way: From the first meeting with Derek, where I walked in feeling so vulnerable that I wanted to cry - but walked out feeling positive and hopeful, to all my sessions with my trainer Zack, who believes in me even on the days when my belief in myself is faltering. The atmosphere at FT is consistently upbeat, supportive, and professional. It's easy to see that all of the trainers working there are extremely knowledgeable, and take great care with every one of their clients.

I've achieved a lot of specific fitness goals through my work with FT, but I think my favorite achievement is just feeling "functionally fit": knowing that not only is getting out of a car something I don't give a second thought to anymore, but that running up a few flights of stairs, going for a hike, or saying "yes" to a kayaking trip with friends are all things that come easily to me now. During that first meeting with Derek, I told him that my biggest goal was to simply make fitness and physical activity a part of my day-to-day life again. Not only did I accomplish that, but I'm fitter and more physically capable than I've ever been. I am so grateful for the wonderful staff at FT Beverly for helping me to change my life for the better!

Linda H.

Overcoming Osteoporosis

Two years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. It was a depressing diagnosis as I had ignored all the warnings. I made my call to FT and immediately went in for an initial consultation with Derek. I was very up front and honest. I did not like to exercise, And I had a terrible habit of making commitments that i did not follow through with. I had definite food issues and was also dealing with a neurological condition that I needed weekly treatments for. I had so many reasons to not show up for workouts. I also had terrible anxiety about gyms and workout clothing
Being honest backfired at times. Each time I tried to cancel Derek would call me out on it and make it so difficult that I would just show up. Over time he wore me down. I'd show up and walk through the door letting my trainer for the day know that I had planned to cancel and why. There was no logic to it. I was showing up and at the end of my workouts had the most wonderful feeling. It felt so good I wanted more and so I showed up the next time too, always just a phone call away from canceling
My most recent bone density test revealed something almost miraculous. The hard work and commitment that FT trainers and I had made to each other had paid off in a big way My osteoporosis diagnosis had been reversed back to osteopenia*. That is huge! Unheard of almost!
My neuropathy is here to stay but strengthening my body and yes my mind too makes it all so much easier to deal with
Every other week I have 2 days of treatments at Beverly Hospital and Derek and I just schedule my workouts when I am able. The flexibility FT allows me and the kindness and compassion shown to me by all the trainers has made FT one of the best decisions I have ever made. My body is strong. My mind is strong and I love the feeling I get when I walk out the door of FT and get into my car. I am almost 58 years old but I feel so much younger and so much more confident. Still don't like to exercise but I have a healthy love/hate with my FT workouts. I especially love those three magic words " time to stretch". One day at a time is the best I have to offer and if that means a day with an FT workout then it's all the better

Tom L.

Read about Tom's experience at FT!

Tom L., 35

Stoneham, MA

I had gym memberships in the past, but it was a struggle to make it to the gym on a regular basis. I also had not been doing much cardio and my eating habits were not the greatest. While I did not see myself as being highly overweight or grossly out of shape, I felt I needed some assistance with developing a better overall plan for my fitness that included more accountability, strength training, and cardiovascular work.

I have been going to Fitness Together and working with Derek for over 15 months now. My nutrition has improved, I have seen great improvements in my overall strength and fitness, and I have lost a few pounds in the process*. I generally have more energy during the day, and instead of dragging myself to a regular gym, I look forward to my FT three day-a-week sessions. I feel that working out with FT has become a positive habit, and I plan to continue working with Derek and FT in the coming year.

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PACK Testimonial

See how our PACK training program helps our clients!

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Jeanne Kornachuk

Danvers, Ma

At 55 years old, I am probably in the best shape I've ever been. I'm very pleased with the results! It's been hard work but worth every minute of it!

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Vin LeBlanc

Beverly, Ma

By partnering with Fitness Together, I was able to learn what I needed to do to achieve my fitness goals. I weighted 275 lbs, my blood pressure was high and I just felt terrible. By having a personal trainer to motivate me, teach me and hold me accountable for not only my fitness but my nutrition as well, I was able to break the cycle I was in. I have lost over 25lbs in 8 weeks*. I also took 6 inches off my waist and 3 ½ inches from my hips*. I am feeling better and more energetic than I have ever been. It is all thanks to the help I received from Fitness Together.

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Mary F

Beverly, Ma

“When I Joined Fitness Together in March 2009 I had already lost 60lbs but was stuck and no matter how I tried I could not lose any more weight. I knew I needed to start to exercise but did not know where to begin. I came to FT and Lisa showed me different exercises. We also talked about nutrition and different ways I could change my diet. I truly enjoyed the one on one attention and the privacy of the gym. As I began my 6-week course I became frustrated at my lack of weight loss, but soon I notices that my clothes were loose and I had dropped two sizes*. My trainers explained that I was now building muscle, and that muscle weighs more than fat, and that I was doing everything right. Every trainer I worked with was supportive, motivating and knowledgeable they were able to answer all my questions, for which I usually had a million. I enjoyed my experience so much at Fitness Together that I signed up two more times!”

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Courtney C.

Thanks to all of yours and
Aaron's hard work, I felt confident and great on my wedding day!!

Thank you so much!!

Courtney C.

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Elaine C.

See how Elaine increased strength and lost 4.5 Inches*

Working out and taking care of myself, was a commitment I made over thirty years ago, but a recent shoulder injury took me out of the health club scene for almost a year. Rather than taking the risk of re-injuring myself, I joined Fitness Together. Derek and Aaron took the time to understand my physical limitations and created a workout plan to fit my immediate needs. Within a few months, I increased my overall body strength, lost inches, and improved my flexibility. If you need support or structure to help achieve your health and fitness goals, call Fitness Together today, you’ll be glad you did.

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Jill D.

College Age Success

I used to be such an active child, always at sports practice or dance, and then I became a teenager and got really, really, REALLY, lazy; I also started suffering from anxiety and a slight form of OCD. My doctor recommended working out as a way to help channel my anxiety, however, being as lazy as I was, getting myself to the gym was one of the last, if not the last, thing on my mind. I really needed some extra motivation. Signing up with Fitness Together was one of the best decisions I’ve made during my college career. So much stress and anxiety comes from school, so being “forced” to be at the studio and pushed through the workout by the FT staff was exactly what I needed. I’d walk in the studio with a puss on my face and come out smiling! Not only was the motivation great but now I can do 25 pushups in a set and a 2 minute plank!*

Thanks so much for everything!

Jill, 20

Elaine D.

PACK Testimonial

I was initially apprehensive but I truly like working out in the small group.

You have made a great effort to match groups at similar levels.

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