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Stretching Contest

May 10, 2011

Hey everyone!,

So in follow-up from our recent pushup contest which was won by Aaron with 70 pushups, we held a flexibility contest between us trainers again.

Unfortunately, Aaron was not able to repeat his victory. Greg took this competetion hands tdown - not only defeating aaron, but Derek as well. We tested eachother's flexibility by doing a sit and reach test which evaluates hamstring and lower back flexibility, and a shoulder reach test which evaluates shoulder flexibility.

Often the population will center a fitness evaluation around strength and endurance. we must not forget however that flexibility is just as important as how much weight one can bench press and how long one can with stand speeding on a stationary bike.

Flexibility is often overlooked in a fitness program, but does wonders for the human body. When muscle fibers are able to be stretched out longer, the contraction is more complete i.e. if you are able to fully extend a muscle it contracts "better", therefore it works "better", therefore the function being performed is executed "better".

So when leaving the gym, or walking up the basement steps, or away from the track, or wherever one may work out, think twice before getting in your car or sitting on the couch before stretching.

Thank you!


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