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Snow Ball Fight Form

Dec 19, 2018

With temperatures dipping close to freezing and snow on the horizon, it can be tempting to spend a lazy weekend indoors sipping eggnog and eating cookies. As one of the largest one-on-one private, personal training franchises in the area, Fitness Together® studios throughout Boston are encouraging people to get up, get out and get some much-needed exercise this winter.

"It's totally possible to enjoy a relaxing weekend at home and still squeeze in some physical activity, even if making it to the gym is just not going to happen," said Derek Maxfield, certified trainer and a Fitness Together studio owner in Beverly, Massachusetts. "With the holidays comes a surplus of decadent foods, drinks and minimal physical activity, making winter one of the unhealthiest seasons of the year. Anything you can do to get up, get out and go play in the snow is a good idea."

Here are a few activities Maxfield recommends for getting active in the winter season.

  • Snowball Fight- Lobbing snowballs and running from your children or grandchildren can have a major payoff - a one hour snowball fight can burn around 319 calories.
  • Ice Skating- Heading to Boston Common Frog Pond and sliding on a pair of skates is a great way to burn calories – this activity burns approximately 476 calories per hour.
  • Snowshoeing - Snowshoeing is like hiking, except you're trekking with large and sometimes heavy extensions of your feet and there are a ton of places in Boston for beginners including the Blue Hills Reservation and Weir Hill. All that said, approximately 544 calories per hour can be burned snowshoeing.
  • Build a Snowman- Building frosty requires squatting, heavy lifting and a lot of walking and rolling - so it is no surprise that an hour of snowman building can burn around 285 calories.
  • Shoveling Snow- Plows and snowblowers might save some time, but breaking out the old-fashioned shovel can be quite a winter workout. Shoveling a driveway can burn up to approximately 422 calories per hour.
  • Skiing/Snowboarding- Hitting the slopes at Blue Hills or Pat's Peak is a great way to have some fun in the snow. One hour of skiing can burn up to 408 calories.

*All calorie counts are estimates based on a 150-pound person, and vary with intensity, body composition and weight.* Source

"The most important component of all of winter activity is warming up to avoid injury," said Maxfield. "When you go from no movement to something as intense as throwing a snowball or shoveling snow, your risk for shoulder and back injury increases drastically."

Maxfield recommends stretching and warming up your body before any activity with arm circles, jumping jacks or pushups. Whether it's taking a walk in the snow, or working out with a personal trainer throughout the winter, Fitness Together® is committed to helping enhance physical and mental health through physical activity.

To achieve even greater results, Maxfield recommends booking a private training session at Fitness Together. There are currently over 40 convenient Fitness Together Locations throughout the Boston area. To learn more, please visit


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