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results of the Pushup Contest

Mar 30, 2011

And the results are in!

We recently held our pushup competition between the trainers here at Fitness Together. The odds were pretty even with Aaron getting 7/2, Greg at 3/1, and Derek at 4/1. After a high intesity warm-up Greg began with a quick start geeting to 20 with little effort, but inched out his last at 42 pushups. Derek was next - and again, got to 20 pretty easily, but he was able to to speed past 42 and complete 64 pushups. Then Aaron got down into his stance and proceeded to blow past Greg and Derek with an even 70 pushups!

With winning, he earned a $150 gift certificate to Gardener Mattress. After those 70 pushups he will certinaly need a good rest...


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