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Power of the Pen

Jan 26, 2013

Power of the Pen

A goal that is not written down is simply a wish.

Whether it is a New Year’s Resolution, a professional sales goal, or a goal reflecting you becoming a better person; it is simply a thought if it is not put onto paper. In the coming weeks, as February nears, many folks unfortunately will fall short of their New Year’s resolutions. The gyms will start to become slower during the evening hours, motivations and aspirations to become a better professional and person will dwindle down, and excuses will be made to not go that extra mile to extend you out of your comfort zone to accomplish a certain task.

That’s where a pen, no more expensive than 60 cents, can help get you through those excuses and help you accomplish those goals that you set where you think to yourself, “this one will be tough though”. It’s difficult to explain, but when a goal, or thought even, gets put onto paper where you or someone else can read it aloud, it becomes cemented in time almost. It has been officially logged somewhere, whether it be a notepad on your kitchen table, notebook you use for work, or even your iPhone. You are almost certainly guaranteed to see this goal again in the near future. Although we remember our thoughts, there are millions that we simply forget or choose to forget. The significance of it being written down is it does not go anywhere – it is not forgotten.

Let’s say you set a goal that you will increase your sales total for the month by 10% in comparison to the previous year’s month; and follow it up by writing it down on your calendar located at the center of your desk. The month then goes by and your sales total has been finalized. You then look down to change your calendar to the following month and you see you goal there. You instantly realize that you had only increased your sales by 2% from the previous year’s total. A sense of accountability and disappointment comes over you. Although there was an increase, it was not nearly the amount that you would have liked. This sense of accountability can help motivate you for the next month.

During the next month, you glance at that goal you have written down a few times per week – each time it motivating you to make those difficult phone calls, or staying an extra hour at work for a meeting, or even going the extra mile for a client to ensure you’re providing a quality service. You begin to record notes under it of each sale and small things you can do to push towards that goal. Sure enough, at the end of the month, you’ve increased sales by 12% from the previous year’s month! That recording and accountability each week helped launch you to your potential and better yourself as a professional.

Now this is simply an example relating to an occupation. What if you set a goal that states you will treat your significant other to a date each Saturday night? During the week you see this goal written down and it reminds you to make a dinner reservation or check the movie times for that evening or even plan a quick getaway somewhere.

A goal could reflect that desire to finally lose those 20 pounds, or coach your child’s baseball team, or search for a better occupation. They can be professional, personal, spiritual, anything that takes importance in your life.

What would have happened if that sales goal or that “date night” goal was not written down and recorded? Would it have simply been a wish? A year from that time, would you then be wishing on the same goals as the previous year?

If you have set goals for 2013, grab a pen; write them down somewhere you will see them often. Record them on a regular basis, change them if you accomplish them ahead of time, and don’t be afraid to set lofty goals that require you to step out of your comfort zone.

Don’t sit down at your desk in 2014 and think to yourself, “Let’s increase this sales total by 10% this month”.


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