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PACK Training

Sep 15, 2011

Good morning readers,

In an update from our last post regarding our new group training program - now labeled PACK Training - we have had some positive energy so far. We, as trainers, have learned a significant amount along with our clients on how to conduct a group session and it's certinaly been enjoyable.

Our clients have given some great feedback in regards to Fitness Together's expanded model. Our new flexible payment methods have made it easier to budget for our services, specifically our new monthly membership program, and ofcourse, our PACK Training, which helps those afford professional, personal training a lot easier.

Our expanded business model has enabled us to help a larger population. It not only increases the positive energy at our studio, but gives us such satisfaction in our job. Being able to help more people is why we got into our business in the first place.

I thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon!



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