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New Year's Resolution 2012

Jan 6, 2012

We have all referenced the "New Year's Resolution" theme during our days. Whether it be a personal resolution, a work-related one, or a health one - fitness resolutions typically dominate people's to-do lists at the turn of each year.

Being the case - I ask you this: Is your 2012 Resolutions the same as it was in 2008? I recently saw on a local news branch that the avegare person strives for their fitness New Year's resolution for just under 6 weeks! That could mean going to the gym until the middle of February then quitting. Is that even close to enough time to hit those inital goals?

That's where Fitness Together comes in. Here, you have no choice but to reach those goals. Through us providing accountability, giving you periodic assesments and making sure you show up to those appointments - our clients succeed at reaching their New Year's Resolutions! Not only that, but they enjoy doing it! Check it our here to see just what I mean

So I ask you: What is Yours?...

Derek Maxfield


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