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New Year's Resolution

New Year's Resolution

Derek Maxfield

Good morning everyone,

I wanted to share an interesting news story I watched a couple weeks ago that surprised me a bit, not that anything on the news doesn't surprise most of the time. 7 News reported statistics that showed the average American sticks to their New Years Rersolution, which is typically some sort of physical aspiration, for only three weeks.

Now, being a health professional, I have become well aware that New Year's Resolutions usually don't stay at the front of the minds of most, but only three weeks was a shock to me!

That brings me to my main point. It has now been six weeks since the turn of the eyar, and if you are still striving towards your goals - you doubles the length of time the average American strives towards their New Year's Resolution goals! That is surely seomthing to be proud of, but now I ask ask - why not keep going?

After six weeks of a healthy lifestyle change - results may or may not have started to occur. Whichever the case - there is tons of motivation to continue on your path to become healthier!

Derek Maxfield

Owner - Fitness Together Beverly, MA

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