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Let's Go Bruins

Jun 6, 2011

Good afternoon,

As many of us New Englanders know, and probably have follows, our Boston Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Finals. A lot of us I'm sure are big Boston sports fans, including myself. Being a Fitness Together blog - I am goign to write about the fitness part of athletics, specifically hockey.

First and foremost - the Bruins have completed 102 professional hockey games, with atleast 2 remaining. 102 games of being hit hard, exercising the mind along with the body, skating furiously down the ice, and risking severe bodily harm.

I was watching the latest game, and I began to admire these athletes - nto just for their skill and playign of the game, but the unbelievable condition they are in. Some players play upwards of 30 minutes per might - that is 30 minutes at 100% skating up and down a hockey rink while trying to play one of the most difficult games in the world while trying to get injured. I remember when they put a tracking device on ray Bourque's skates and it noted that he had skated around 7 miles one game. Wow!

I can only imagine the offseason, and in-season, training regimens these athletes put themselves through. To be able to survive the physical demands that this sport requires is certinaly worth a tip of the cap - or helmet shall I say?

So let's pay respect for the fitness of these athletes - and let's go Bruins!

Thank you


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