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Functional Training

Mar 21, 2014

Over the last few weeks I have heard a lot of clients ask “who thought of all these crazy exercises”? Here at Fitness Together one of our key training philosophies is functional training. Functional training will help our clients live an easier, and pain free, day to day life. Notice how we never have you come in for a session and stand in front of the mirror the whole time doing just bicep curls? This is simply because it’s not functional to your daily lifestyle!

On the other hand, we do love our clients performing squats and different squat variations depending on their fitness level. You may ask “why?”, but just think of everything you do during the day that requires you to squat (Picking up your infant, dropping your pen, standing up from your desk, getting out of bed). The list can go on forever with different things that we never realized where this functional training comes into effect. Now, think back to your own childhood days as a toddler, when you would play with a favorite toy. That “crazy” way you would squat down to play with it (with perfect form I may add). This is where functional movements began.

Over the years we have naturally fallen out of shape by prolonged sitting, over working, overload of stress and most importantly lack of stretching. Now what we try to accomplish isn’t as “crazy” as you say. We are simply trying to get your bodies closer to its natural and intended ability in your day to day life.


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