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10 Jobs that Make us Fat

Jun 7, 2012

Noticed a few extra pounds around your middle since entering the work force? Everyone warned you about the "freshman fifteen" when you went off to college, but did anyone mention the "work force twenty" when you landed your first gig?

Maybe that’s because not all jobs are created equal: Some positions are more prone to weight gain than others. The folks over at CareerBuilder have the top 10 troublesome positions for keeping fit:

1. Travel agent
2. Attorney/Judge
3. Social worker
4. Teacher
5. Artist/designer/architect
6. Administrative assistant
7. Physician
8. Protective services (police, firefighter)
9. Marketing/public relations professional
10. Information technology professional

Why did these particular jobs make the list? According to a new study by Harris Interactive, high levels of stress and lack of movement throughout the work day are the main culprits. The study found that 44% of surveyed workers have gained weight at their jobs. More than half of them blamed the weight gain on sitting at their desk all day -- even eating lunch at their desks. (How is online editor not on this list???)

Not surprisingly, the study found that habits like eating because of stress, regularly getting take-out, skipping meals because of deadlines, and office treats also contributed to work-related weight gain.

But check out these stats: As many as 10% of workers eat their lunch out of a vending machine. And 71% said they snack during the workday.

Unfortunately, you can’t fully fault on your job. “More and more companies are implementing healthy living initiatives in the workplace,” said Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources at CareerBuilder. “But only 10% of workers say they take advantage of the benefits.”

Want to start shedding those free-workplace-donut-induced pounds? Haefner recommends taking more steps throughout the day (get away from behind that desk!), packing your lunch, and drinking more water.

Have you gained weight after starting a job? How do you plan on getting in shape this summer?


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