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How to stay motivated this Fall/winter

Oct 13, 2020

As you prepare for the short, dark days and the long cold nights, it's easy for your motivation to wane, allowing bad habits to creep back in.

Here are 4 simple ways to help you stay motivated:

1.Review your goals and intentions:

This is the perfect time of the year for reflection.

Firstly look back and review how far you have come.

What have you achieved and accomplished?

What needs improving and where do you need to step up?

What have you learned?

What worked well and what didn’t go as planned?

What have been your highlights and what hasn’t felt so good?

You now have a few months until the end of the year, and approximately next six months until spring arrives again.

Assess where you are right now and what you need to do to achieve your goals and intentions over the coming months.

What action do you need to take?

What do you need more or less of in your life?

What healthy habits do you need to recommit to?

Ensure you make allowances for the time of year and include plenty of time for rest and self-care.

2.View your workout as a self care

We know you’re incredibly busy and with everything you have going on and everything you do for everyone else, how do you make time for yourself AND your fitness routine.

The answer: don’t make time for both — just combine them. Viewing your workouts as sacred time, just for you, is not only a great way to get two things done at once — it adds a more powerful weight to your workout (no pun intended).Exercise should be a time for you (and you alone) to connect with your body. Build a little relaxation into your workout to make the most of your self-care sweat session.

During your cool down, combine your stretching with slow and steady guided breathing. You’ll feel physically and mentally ready to tackle whatever else you have going on.

3.Switch things up:

Crisp September days make us so excited to go for a run outside, but cold and dreary November evenings don’t have the same effect. You might love exercising outside when the weather is a bit friendlier, but if you hate cold weather, don’t force yourself to brave the elements!

You’ll be way more likely to stick with your workout plan if it’s something you don’t dread, so add more sessions with your favorite trainer. Normally do a 30-minute run at the studio? Try a 20 minute HIIT session followed by some stretching and pelvic floor exercises instead (depending on your stage, of course).

It’s always a good idea to switch up workouts if you ever feel yourself in a rut or like you’re not being challenged. Try a new workout you’ve been wanting to do with your trainer, or go back to an older routine you haven’t done in a while — the challenge will help revamp motivation (and keep your muscles guessing, too)!

4.Challenge yourself:

Challenges are hard, but they also give you a sense of pride, accomplishment and prove to yourself that you’re capable of more than you thought possible. So, if you are struggling to get any exercise done and motivation is wearing off, try setting a personal challenge to accomplish by the end of Winter… like increasing your distance or speed on the treadmill, trying heavier weights with your trainer, or improving flexibility. Aim to push yourself and set a new personal best.


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