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September Client of the Month: Nancy Mills

Sep 15, 2014

Training Frequency:

Nancy does three one-on-one sessions per week and hardly ever misses a session. Her dedication to fitness over the years is one of the top in the studio.

Cardio Frequency:

Nancy does 10-15 minutes of fast-paced cardio after each session. She also walks in her neighborhood 3 to 4 times per week.


Nutrition is very important to Nancy. All of her meals are freshly prepared. “I eat about 6-7 times each day to keep my metabolism at a regular level. Balanced meals are a key to a healthy lifestyle.”


Nancy has been with Fitness Together since 2006 and since then has lost 15lb, 5% body fat and has more than doubled her strength. More importantly, Nancy consistently maintains these great results through every fitness assessment she has. We all know how hard this is to doJ. Great job Nancy!

How Fitness Together has helped:

Fitness Together has given Nancy the stamina and endurance to do all she wants to do. The frequent training has continued to keep Nancy strong and balanced. “I look forward to my sessions. The trainers are so professional and on-task, but we still have time for conversation and laughter.”


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