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October Client of the Month: Jenna Ceddia

Oct 10, 2014

Training Frequency: Jenna trained 3x a week for 12 weeks until she got to her goal. With Fitness Together’s help she is learning to do it on her own.

Cardio Frequency: Jenna loves to run and is a cardio queen. She does cardio 4-6x a week! Go Jenna!

Nutrition: Jenna eats pretty regularly now. She eats at least 4x a day and makes sure she gets a meal every 4 hours. Like many mothers, Jenna had been in the habit of eating off of her kids’ plates. Now she is doing that much less often.

Results: Jenna’s results are amazing! She has lost 17lbs, over 6% body fat and 7 inches off her waist! All her hard work has definitely paid off.

How Fitness Together has helped: Fitness Together has helped Jenna eat healthier and workout 4x a week. “Everyone has helped me keep track of my food; asking me when I have eaten, how much, and when. Fitness Together has also helped me make time for my cardio again.” Some of Jenna’s favorite experiences are her amazingly hard workouts with Ropes and Tabatas.


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